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Since switching to the HE-6/ speaker amp combo, this isn't getting any use.   Includes Earth opamps (stock currently installed) and a set of ACSS cables.   $315 shipped in CONUS.
So I take it that the panels must be a fair distance from the wall to sound right?
I'm absolutely loving my HE-6/Virtue One.2 combo, and I'd love to get the same sound in a 2-channel HT/music rig. The caveat is that I have a child on the way, so I'd like to get the wall-mount Maggies. Either the MMG W or MC1, with a small sub to fill out the lows.   I think I'll repurpose my DacWOW optical DAC and pick up a Virtue Audio Sensation M451. The M451 is 2.5 times the price of the One.2, but I'm going to need remote volume control. Is there a more...
I'm not saying the RA150 is a bad amp by any stretch. I probably would not have replaced it but the left channel started acting up, and the bench fee alone was half the cost of the amp.   The RA150 does a far better job with the HE-6's than my C2, which cost 3 times what the Alesis did.   This has got me thinking. If an electronics-repair minded person wants to reimburse me for shipping, I would simply give them the RA150. All I ask is that it's a member who has the HE-6,...
I recently replaced my failing Alesis RA150 with a Virtue Audio One.2, which I have about 40 hours of break-in time on. The SQ improvement is substantial. Most notable is depth and soundstage. I'm listening to Coltrane's "Ballads" album right now. Sense of depth, and space around instruments, has greatly improved. The 5 to 10 degree "blank space" in the sound stage is now filled in. Aux percussion in Bob Marley's "Buffalo Soldier" hangs out there in space, somewhat...
I think it's $65 for just the stock cable. A little confusing, though.
So, following this line of thinking, if I load Windows 7 on my Mac via Bootcamp I will get the same SQ as the HP?
I'd love to get in on this. Currently have the HE-6, powering it with a Virtue Audio One.2, among other headphones and amps. To be able to get even in the ballpark of the HE-6 would be very interesting to me. I'm currently looking for a good portable.
Haha! She's actually using it right now. I don't think give is the right word, as the Mac accompanies me on many business trips.
I've discovered, quite accidentally, that my wife's HP Mini 1000 sounds much better than my MacBook Pro with the DI. I had upgraded the OS to W7 and decided to give it a shot with my rig. The difference is far from subtle. Chain is DI>DAC19>C2. It's as if there has been a layer of filth removed from a window. I've been furiosly plugging in different cans and listening to music, the difference is just amazing. Amazing vividness and deeper bass. My LP Sextetts now have a...
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