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Power switch is inop, must plug in adapter to pwer on. NOS RCA tube with plenty of life left.     $40 shipped CONUS, will pro-rate for shipping abroad.
These are in great condition. Inside of the cups and baffles lined with Dynamat and Akasa Paxmate II. Stock film on back of driver intact. Ear side of baffle has stock felt removed and a layer of Akasa around the driver cutout.   These sound fantastic driven by a reciever HP output. They do require power to send their best.      $70 shipped CONUS, will pro-rate shipping abroad.
These are sold pending payment.
Picked these up during the recent special from the Monster website. Have 75 days left on the 90 day warranty, packing slip from Monster will be included. Includes small carry pouch and unused large Comply style, Gel, and Hybrid tips (3 sets total). These have 100 hours of burn-in using the XLO burn-in disc. These have no issues whatsoever, build quality is 100%, no flaws. Just not my cup of tea.   Price is $90 shipped in the CONUS.
I'm hoping they send me the Control-Talk version on accident.
Looking to pair a good set of IEM's with my new iPad 2 for travel. Isolation is important. Currently, I have a set of HE-6's at home and a set of Fostex T50RP's at work. Right now I have the Apple BA for travel, which are decent, I guess. I just borrowed a set of Shure SCL-5's from a friend, and I really do not like them. A PITA to get in, and terrible SQ IMO. Are customs this difficult to insert? Routing the cables over-the-ear is not comfortable to me.    So...
My HE-6's, properly driven, have the best bass I've ever heard. That goes for headphones and speakers.
PM sent. Dibs!
The big box is so they can fit in that phonebook-sized catalog in with your order...
 Very curious as to how this sounds. I like the One.2 so much with my HE-6's, a Virtue amp was my first thought when I ordered my Magnepans.
New Posts  All Forums: