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I've had the ADDIEM for quite a while now, longer than I've been a member here. After upgrading my home full-size setup, I decided it was time for a good portable set. I first tried the MTPC. I got them refurb, so I figured it was a small gamble. Not my cup of tea at all. Flabby bass, hit-and-miss midrange, and just plain "weird" treble.    Next up was the ATH CK10. I had high hopes for this one. I used every conceivable tip with these, Sony Hybrid, Monster Triple...
WTB Beyer DT880
100% functioning, they sound great. "Magic Box" is a Virtue Audio One.2 speaker amp. Can be included for $225   I've had these since February.  
Still available.
Audio-GD DAC-19. This is the Non-DSP version. Like-new condition. $400 plus shipping and PayPal.   Audio-GD Digital Interface B Version (USB only). Like-new condition. $SOLD
Pics of HE-6 uploaded.
Thinking about simplifying my rig. Headphones have one tiny nick in the right gimbal and small section of damaged sleeving on the cable (no wires damaged), other than that they are in great condition. $750 plus actual shipping and insurance, add 3% for PayPal unless sent as gift.
Would like them to be in good to mint condition. PM with what you have and price.
I think everybody knows what these are, so I'll skip the description.   I received these on 5-16-11 from Burned in for 100 hours using XLO Reference burn-in track. Have less than 10 hours actual head time. Includes all accessories and packaging. Tips are unused (I used Monster triples and Sony Hybrids). This set is essentailly as-new.   Save yourself some money and wait time. $225 shipped CONUS payed by PayPal gift, normal PayPal add...   Thinking about trying this on my 2nd Gen Apple TV. Are Toslink and Coaxial digital signals "interchangeable" like this?    
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