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Same price if you include the A2 stands, Q-6 have stands built-in. I'm drawn to the Q-6 because of it's psuedo-dipole pattern (I'm a big Magnepan/open baffle fan). A2 seems to be the tried-and-true choice.   Which would you choose and why?    
PM Sent
PM Sent
Looking for a Nuforce Icon. PM me with pics and prices of you have one.
What is an "itouch"?
Update. Just got the RE-272s today. No burn-in yet, but these sound fantastic. I'm not going to bore anyone with a mini-review, but these just do so many things right. To my ears, these are just far superior to the CK10s. All the detail of the A-T, but with better bass both in quality and quantity. Oh, and no fatigue inducing 10k spike.
He's right. I currently have a set of Magnepan MC-1's with a pair of 15" open baffle subs. There are moments, listening to well-recorded material, when elements of the music seem to hover out in the room with us.  
I'm gonna throw the Hifiman Re-272 into the discussion. The thought of an easily-driven top-tier Hifiman IEM is intriguing.
I'm hesitant to try these, as they are often compared to the CK10.
The Phonaks look interesting. Is the remote just a single button, no volume control? Thanks for the replies.
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