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It would all depend on the DAC / amplification quality and implementation... and of course comparatively, that of the source being bypassed.   Most USB cables are thick, stiff, bulky, chunky+clunky (IMHO).  That would be a step down in my book.   Interesting that they chose not to make it Bluetooth compatible.  Thats usually a huge selling point for the general public.
I missed that, but yeah... good luck finding a Germain pair, they haven't been made there in decades and AFIAK in VERY limited numbers.  The two I have owned (one of which I still have) is made in Ireland.
You might want to specify which driver mesh plate you are looking for... white paper or charcoal weave-fabric.  They can be very hard to find here in 2014.  I looked off and on for 6-7 years for the older charcoal fabric weave... they just don't really exist in very large quantity.   Good Luck!!  I wish I could help you.
Yeah I am lazy when it comes to setting them.  About half of them are mechanical, and I just let them run down.  I only really set them whenever I wear them.  A good percentage of my quartz watches have dead batteries, or I have not worn in a while and haven't set them for daylight savings time change. Bottom far left is a citizen orca. 
One of my favs...  
My affordable collection
I have both the SR60 and the 60i.  The difference I think is noticeable.  The "i" model is less "edgy" in the upper mids... more smooth and easier on the ears.  Its STILL a Grado, with all the energy and dynamics though.  Bass extends deeper and the whole signature overall is slightly more tipped towards the bass-end of the pool.  Its also more refined and detail revealing.  Theres also more energy and detail resolution towards the ends of the audible spectrum.  Where the...
Apples OEM ear-pods are one of the better earbud types (non-canal) I have heard.  Their microphone quality is excellent.  I dial into conference calls with my iPhone and others have asked what microphone I am using, because I sound clearer and slightly louder than anyone on the call.  Sonically, they can match the Yuin PK2-3 models in a lot of ways.
I agree.  I always try and comment on the basis for my opinion, either I own it, owned at one time and sold, or demo'd at a meet only.  The last of which I also elaborate that its nothing more than a very shallow first impression... at most.   Devils advocate.... One time I borrowed another members DT880-600 for a day or two, and its ~10k treble boost aggravated and caused my tinnitus to re-appear.  So I have posted many times that the DT880-600 treble boost is too much...
Old timer checking back into this thread.... Looking forward to impressions!!   The SR60i was a slight but noticeable improvement over the SR60... can't wait to sample the new "e" models.   Happy listening
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