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His links are probably dead.... for any number of reasons.  A ton of my old images are dead courtesy of image shack. Good luck though getting them back up and running.  I'd love to hear a JF some day.
Unbroken - 8/10.  enjoyed this one, although some scenes were hard to watch... made my stomach turn.
Curious is the Neutron player any louder than the Walkman OEM one?
My iPhone contract finally expired and I did not hesitate to pick up this phone a few days ago.  Plays my bloated lossless and compressed MP3 library fine with the OEM Walkman app player.   My phone is a Z3V (Verizon) model for North America.   The volume level does seem a bit lower than I was expecting.  Listening to DSOTM through my SennGrado-Gcush as I type this and the volume is at a very "modest" level... even with it turned up to about ~65%.  Does this sound like...
On my 337 I don't really find myself fiddling with them that much, just a little tweek here and there.  It depends on the recording though.  Personally I find it to be one of the (many) strengths of these amps.  As a very low volume music listener Its nice being able to achieve a perfect L/R balance with this amp.  While some of my other amps have difficulty tracking evenly at such low volumes.  My millet hybrid is the most guilty offender, even with a lower than spec...
The safest answer here is to get it tested.   IMHO it would be speculation at best to diagnose what else has been damaged... based on a low-res snap-shot.   Tubes can be finicky little buggers, depending on the circuit design.  I would hate to see you fry a voice coil, or blow up something in your amp... based on il-advisement.  Its not the answer you are looking for but IMHO its better to play it safe.  Especially if you bought it on Ebay.
If you shop around carefully you should be able to find an hd650 and a small amp for around $400 ballpark, maybe $450. Warm smooth character is what the 650 does exceedingly well... Imho.
I would just listen to it and stay with whichever two drivers sound identical.
Why are you plugging the cans into the amp before its powered up?  You should do it the other way around.  Plug in the amp first.  With no music playing and the volume turned all the way down, plug in the cans.   I switched gain resistors in my PPA to lower the circuit gain.   I forget what it was but it was in the vicinity of 2-2.5.  I ran it for an afternoon and it sounded great.  Not realizing my mistake and that had forgotten to swap out the OPA637s for a lower...
Any reason you're not considering the 32 ohm model?  That would be an easier load for these kinds of amp circuits.  They are primarily current output devices, and are (theoretically) more voltage-swing limited.
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