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If you shop around carefully you should be able to find an hd650 and a small amp for around $400 ballpark, maybe $450. Warm smooth character is what the 650 does exceedingly well... Imho.
I would just listen to it and stay with whichever two drivers sound identical.
Why are you plugging the cans into the amp before its powered up?  You should do it the other way around.  Plug in the amp first.  With no music playing and the volume turned all the way down, plug in the cans.   I switched gain resistors in my PPA to lower the circuit gain.   I forget what it was but it was in the vicinity of 2-2.5.  I ran it for an afternoon and it sounded great.  Not realizing my mistake and that had forgotten to swap out the OPA637s for a lower...
Any reason you're not considering the 32 ohm model?  That would be an easier load for these kinds of amp circuits.  They are primarily current output devices, and are (theoretically) more voltage-swing limited.
Yes... AKG K1000, Sony MDR-PFRV1
Double check the headfi BST forum rules.  AFIAK all sales are final, unless the seller specifically states his terms for a refund/return in the FS ad.  Its not the other way around.   Your pictures are more than adequate to show what was being bought.
I am 6' and am able to maintain a steady ~190-195.   >15-20 minutes of exercise 3 times a week.  A brisk jog-walk will do, something to get the heart rate up and lungs pumping. >Cut bleached white carbs.  Brown rice and Oatmeal for me in moderate quantities. >If I have to gorge on something, it NEEDS to be a lean vegetable.  If I get hungry at night it NEEDS to be a lean vegetable. >No Alcohol >Drink lots of water.  Ice water with Lemon is my fave.  I will sneek a...
I'm not sure what it is exactly in terms of acoustic properties... but to put it into simpler terms I have always thought the K701/2 sounds "speedy" and the HD650 sounds less-speedy and the Portapro is slow.  I have always suspected its how quickly the drivers respond to signal input across the entire audio spectrum (like the opposite side of a CSD plot)... but AFIAK no one effectively measures this parameter for headphones.
Taking your comment verbatim / word for word... Nope it can't be done by "just re-soldering the wires".  theres dis-assembly, re-assembly, driver mounting.
The 598/558 don't really have as sparkly-airy highs compared to MS1/2 or comparably priced Grados.  Comparatively, my near-598 modded 558 has a smooth and gentle treble presentation, that I really like.  I don't consider it severe enough to be flawed though.   The 558/598 have a slightly more distant soundstage image too.   Both cans do Jazz and classic rock very well.  I would give a slight edge to the 598 for DVD movies though.
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