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Hmm... Maybe its not so great after all.  The verdict is still out for me.  I may delete it too.
Dim your screen, or use the auto-dim function.Use program like greenify or shutapp to stop rogue apps from running in the background.  shutapp is my preferenceturn off wifi / cellular signals while not using them.Turn off the 32 bit DAC-everywhere app if you don't need it. I use app ops to throttle back my app access.  I can't say for sure what kind of impact this has on battery usage.
I use an app called shutapp... its a little more stream-lined than greenify IMHO.  But it basically does the same thing to extend battery life.  Facebook is ALWAYS running in the background though.  I will probably delete it.
x2... for a $700 device + $$$ headphones (which don't come with the V10).  $4 hardly seems like its worth worrying about.  Admittedly I really didn't use the free version long enough to form a real strong baseline for comparison.  I listened to a couple tunes and knew it was the right player for me, so I bought it.  No regrets at all. 
" I tried the Otter Box Defender :/ it wiggled on my v10 an I could never get the Screen protector it came with to sit even an cleanly on the phone imo I tried the Otter Box Defender :/ it wiggled on my v10 an I could never get the Screen protector it came with to sit even an cleanly on the phone imo  "   This almost sounds like they sent you a counterfeit, or perhaps the wrong case.  The otterbox on my phone fits perfectly tight and snug.  There is absolutely NO wiggle...
I just made my own adapters...  just like this: 
Yeah the V10 finger print sensor is buggy.... with or without the case for me.  When I first got the phone (without case for a couple days)  it worked OK some of the time.  Then I got the otterbox and it didn't work at all.  So I just turned it off for about a week and ignored it.  A week later I figure what the heck, and tried it out and it worked fine... 100% perfect.  Then it completely dies on me 3 days later.... I mean NOTHING at all from it.  I can't even re-program...
Yeah I had the V10 barely 1.5 days without a case.  I figured I would surf around amazon and the youtube reviews and maybe order one once I make up my mind what case to get.  Pins and needles the whole time!!!  Marched right back into the Verizon store and got the otterbox.  Didn't even bother surfing the www for reviews, once I found out Lifeproof and griffin don't make V10 cases.  I do not regret that decision one bit.
So far so good, its about what I expected for a rubber-ized plastic phone.  I use an otterbox defender, so its kind of a moot point.  Theres NO WAY I would use this phone without a very beefy case.  I am very rough with my phones. I am coming from an iphone 5C which is built like a brick.  I also had a Sony xperia Z3 with its gloriously stunning tinted glass, rubber and brushed aluminum.  The V10 looks and feels cheap by that comparison.  By itself though it holds its own...
You don't need an impedance adapter to trigger the AUX mode.  Just a short 1/8 TRS M-F cable is all you need. I tried to trick my V10 into the 50-600 ohm setting with 75 and a 125 ohm resistive adapters, and my Grados and it made the sound all muddy, distorted, quiet and congested.  Weird... no good.
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