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Yeah getting back into it here and there... still enjoying the tunes!!  As you can see I'm a bit out-dated on my Grado-fi. Most recent purchase was an SR60i, great cans!!  This is the third time owning the 60 model...  this ones a keeper though.  Thanks for the warm welcome!!
Great cans. The 60/80i sound great straight out of my macbook pro and iPhone. I have not had any problems with the headband on my SR60i, and I shave my head bald. You might have issues with the foam bowl pads.  If your ears are too small to properly support the foam bowl edge, your ear may end up resting on the cheese cloth.  I imagine that would be a little uncomfortable.  You might want to consider the 60i instead with its comfy pads.   Good Luck!!
What are you plugging them into?  A well designed cmoy, or stereo receiver can sufficiently power a K701 or Q701.
Regarding the senn "veil", and another way of looking at it too... Is i think headphones generally have gotten warmer and more bass heavy the past 7-8 years. Current grado "i" models are darker and overall less edgy than the non- i predecessors. The Q701 is warmer than the k701, which in turn was more bass prominant than the k501. Consumer- hyper marketed cans are also bass heavy to an extreme... Dre beats come to mind immediately. So i think to a certain extent its...
Its going to be hard to beat the HD280 as a guitar monitor in terms of neutral-flatness. Its one of the most flat measuring (and sounding IMHO) dynamic cans I've owned, with a little bit of deep bass emphasis below ~65 Hz.  So if thats what you are after, I think you should just get another 280.   Others for you to consider in that price range are the MDRV6 and K240s.  Both are more colored than the HD280 though, and between the three the V6 I would say is the...
 Curious... Are you finding optimal HD650 tubes to be less than optimal with your RS1i ?  One of the problems I have always had with my Millet, it was voiced by its builder for the HD580, and it sounds very shouty and edgy in the upper mids with my RS1 and K701.  I have used other members HD650 voiced  amps with my brighter cans and had similar results with all of them.  Not entirely true.  You can look through the perf mesh earcup and see the reflective/metallic mesh of...
I'll probably upgrade my DAC next.  headphone/amp wise I am totally happy with my setups.
Pretty well stated above.  DAC converts the digital bit stream to analog AC.  Amplifier boosts or attenuates AC amplitude.   Which one to get depends on what you are starting out with, and which aspect of your setup is less capable at its respective task.  IE:  what headphones you have, what you are currently using to convert the bit stream to analog AC.  Macs for example have surprisingly  good/clean/robust headphone outputs for headphones less than ~50 ohms.
one of the all time coolest HF threads... I never knew the Koss TD-80 has 55mm drivers.  Bigger doesn't always translate to better though.  I see those things all the time on ebay... usually very cheap.
One of the most counterfeited headphones of all time... Google "e888lp counterfeit". When yours arrive inspect packaging very closely. If packaging looks authentic i would next google that seller to see if they have any www history selling counterfeit sony cans. Weigh all the data and then make a decision on what to do next. Sorry i dont have any first hand exerience with that seller
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