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I wonder if its earwax?  "Tried cleaning my ears..." doesn't sound very definite.  Either you get it out or you don't.  My daughter had  a pea-sized nugget in one of her ears, it just fell out one day.
The 598 is warm, smooth and balanced sounding across the spectrum.  It has some gentile roll off at the ends of the spectrum. The 990 has a more pronounced "U" curve.  It extends a little bit better at the ends of the spectrum.  Deeper sub bass extension and impact.  More treble air and sparkle.   I am not sure which is better at layering a soundstage image.... let others chime in here.   I would not use the Schiit fulla with a 250+ ohm headphone.  Even though I am a...
Very cool...  the 990 and 600 are a good complimentary set IMHO.  They both have different strengths and weaknesses.
I don't think it really bothers the majority.  Or at least it doesn't trouble enough people often enough... otherwise it would be a more common complaint.  Manufacturers I think would definitely put balance controls on their products more often, if it gave them an advantage over the competition. As with anything else, we all hear things differently.  Different things bother some while others don't notice a thing.  I think thats the main reason.
A night in old Mexico,   Fell asleep half way through.  An old grumpy guy, his boring grandson stumbling on $150 grand during a night out on the town.  Getting drunk and flirting at the local whore house on some other guys found $$$.  They're being stalked by a local thug who thinks the best way to get his $$ back is to just follow them from a long distance through the streets of Mexico.   I went comatose after ~60 minutes.   Pompeii I really enjoyed this one,...
Nothing wrong with at... enjoy them as they are.  One things for sure the HD518 has one of the smoothest dynamic CSD plots I have ever seen...  That 10k resonance might give it added treble sparkle that the 518 lacks.  You could very easily make a strong argument against modding them... IMHO 
Got for it!!  Nothing wrong with giving something a try.   Taking one for the team and good luck!!
He might be mis-informed.  Its the same snap on-off attachment method used on the 558 and 598...Sennheiser OEM part number 94738.  The amazon reviewers report its all the same between the 3 phones. The truth is...
you just grab the earpads and gently pull them till they unsnap.From there remove the 4 screws. One of the easiest headphones to mod.
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