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I think you mean GS1000...   The "Grado RS1000" was an april fools joke from a long time ago... if you google it you can still find that thread, but its not an actual model.  LOL
Welcome!! Pretty sure thats a SR325i.  Can't tell the year it was made though.  They made the big gold earcups for a while.  I tried G-cush pads on that era 325 and it was not a good match... WAAAY too bright,  piercing and edgy in the upper mids.   If its comfort you are after and you are trying to get the cheese-cloth off your ears, you might want to re-position the phones so they are down and forward a bit so they are more on your upper jaw/cheek area.  You don't...
  Yep I also find G-cush pads to work best with my SG.  Nice pics and builds!!
Cool thanks!! How do the two compare in terms of image and soundstage?
  Its more about establishing a familiar base-line by which to compare.  Sonic impressions are meaningless without establishing a baseline for comparison.  The HD650 has LONG been a very familiar headphone for most HF members over the past decade+... its also personally one of my favs, for its various strengths. Some of the most common themes for every mid-priced (and entry level) headphone is "How high up the ladder does it scale?", and "What do I gain as I scale up the...
+1, one of my all time fave bands. The 650 is a good phone for a lot of prog bands, IMHO.  Asia, Queen, Yes, Kansas...etc. One of my all time faves... JY rockin' the hair and Kramer 
Thanks for the impressions!!   Does anyone have an HD650 to direct compare the two... A/B?   How does the bass clarity compare? Can the 400S layer and spread out an image better than the HD650?   Treble resolution & clarity seems to be better on the 400S... is there anything else it does better / different? Generally, would the 400S be more of a side-grade or an up-grade to the 650?   thanks
When I ordered my 650 drivers they were only a few $ more than what others reported paying for the HD600.  IIRC I paid around $115 total shipped to 94303.  $$ well spent, its one of my faves. 
very cool... Been wanting to get into planars for a long time now.  Mad Dogs are too closed-in sounding, HE400 treble was too excessive for my tastes, HE400i is more $$ than I want to spend.   At $300 msrp this could be the ticket.
I am a big fan of the overall HD650 spectral response... smooth, yet still present upper mids and treble extension.  It is a bit more laid back than my RS1 and K701, but thats a good thing for those times when I want something less shouty.  IMHO its going to be hard to beat in this aspect. Some things I think the HD650 could do better:>Image/soundstage layering, where the K70x I think reigns supreme in this price range.>Bass clarity, not a huge flaw mind you given its...
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