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I'm not that ruff on my cables or iems I still have my first pair that got me into this addiction the ue super fi 4 and shoe box's full of other iems. just cause I wanted to try them out looking for that magic One , that does it all.
Has anyone used the fiio rc-ue2 cable . Any thoughts on it ? Didnt really want to spend 90 on a cable
Definitely the cable is bad , sound cuts out on the left iem . Just after the memory wire , when moved it drops to half volume or none at all. need to get some new silicone tips, isolation/ fitment isnt that good which would explain the lacking low end
Yep still stock cable, i got them back from ue under warranty and they have been just sitting there since . What cable are folks running with there tf10?
I realized I hadn't listened to my tf10 's in almost 2years so I plugged them in and they dont sound as good as I remembered . Would they go bad , not work right with a long period of no use? barely any low end. or may be iv grown acustom to a different sound signature .iv been using my atrios and se215 for work .
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man i hope its soon i have to get up for work in a few hours
I have don't wear  mine over the ear and haven't noticed a difference in sound I don't like the feel of the cords behind my ears 
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i noticed more bigger difference with the pa2v2 then the fiio e11 on the 10's  ,but like calipilot227 said not worth carrying it around   
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