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- hey guys, has anyone tried shelling two of the same universal IEM into one custom IEM? i'm thinking of reshelling both SM3s i have on hand into one (=
- haha always exploring eh? i am quite curious to know how IEMs in general sound with resistance adaptors (= could i have the link for the resistance adaptor?
- interesting thread! i am in the market of getting a new DAP. hope to hear more from owners of Cowon devices!    subscribed.
- i'm still waiting for the stock for the K2s to arrive so i can order (=   i'm thinking of upgrading my DAP to a HM601, how would it synergize or pair with both the K2 and SM3 playing primarily metal?
- yep i did just, and though it was slightly better, the mids did ever so slightly shouty... maybe my ears are just fatigued (=   if the SP or even the MX have more treble than the SM3, i'll get the K2 ASAP!
hey guys, how is the treble of both the SP and MX version compared to the SM3? i love the SM3 for rendering my music, but sometimes i hope to get more treble presence for a more lively performance.
- thanks for the replies guys!   i had a chance to get a hm601 at a lower price, but i do not know if the resulting sound signature would be too warm and midcentric. the SQ of the itouch 3g was certainly not cutting it for me... in comparison of to the 3gs, it sounds a little stale and sterile imo.      i shall try the j3 out! i hear there were good reports of synergy between the two (=
- hey guys, any advice on portable sources that matches well with the SM3s? currently im using either my 3GS or my itouch 3g, but i would like to know if there are something better than those. amps are to be left out, since i would like to make my rig as portable as it can be (=   EDIT: how does the hifiman players sound with the SM3s? 
- if i can of any help, i did try my SM3s with an e7.  hated it, because it made the music cold and very artificial... the treble has been boosted far too much IMO.      
- hey guys, im back for more questions!  have anybody tried using the SM3s with a 75ohm impedance adaptor? if so, could you elaborate on the changes in sound? are the highs more prominent? 
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