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- that's great! i was worried with the LFVs i would be getting lesser isolation then the SM3... though i find it a little strange that even with a vent, it manages to isolate well!     cheers guys, for the replies!
  - Sweet, i think i would try to get the MG6pro drivers if i can afford it!   How would the smallest LFV be better in isolation as compared to IEMs such as the SM3s, HJE900 and the DT1350?    Anwhat are the isolation differences between the closed and the other open LFVs?   many thanks man!  
- you aren't the only one who felt like that! i always liked dynamics for the smoothness it seemed to have, which is quite evident in the IE8s.    now i gotta scrape all i can for the FS customs      oh and anyone has any idea the difference btw the mg5pro and mg6pro drivers?
thanks for the reply! i did find instruments on the SM3 a little artificial separated too, but its only evident when i was comparing it to the IE8 i used to own. Hows the isolation with the closed and the medium LFVs?   Seems like this might be the customs i want! 
- hey kunlun, how does these sound with all genres of metal and some trance/hardstyle? are these babies able to keep up with all the bass and lead guitar riffs while maintaining a high level of instrument separation? i'm coming from a SM3 (=
  - haha don't get me too excited guys, i can get a pair of miracles, but it will leave be really broke, and my other half ain't going be too happy with my decision...
- haha nice analogy! what i was hoping to achieve was to sorta genetically mod them into something better...   no more j-phonic k2 for me, was thinking if i were to get something better, i would have to turn to customs
   - ugh, i like how it is, but maybe a little more sparkle and treble extension... 
- on a side note, hows a UM mage compared to the SM3?
- good point guys. i thought it could be even better that way, but i don't have that much ka-ching to wander off that path of uncertainty... anyone has a link to the review reshelled SM3s?
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