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- anybody has experience with pairing the mg6pros with any more midcentric amps? guess i'm more suited to a more midcentric sound sig (=
- finally placed an order for a pair of these DD babies, and man, am i excited to get them!    to all who had customs: how does the sockets and cables hold up to the daily use of your customs? i know FS's customs are not recessed, so i am a little worried about the cable connectors snapping on me. 
- hey kiteki, how about trying the futuresonics MG6pro customs?   i took a plunge and ordered these last week myself, because of the premise of better coherency, more realistic bass i found in dynamic drivers (= 
- i was actually thinking of how to do these mods as you mentioned mochan, before i purchase my DT1350...    i read somewhere that the cables are easy to change if they were to snap or break, so i assume access to the drivers is going to be easy, too 
- nice!   1) metal - ASILD, A7X, Opeth, BFMV, etc 2) electronic - hardstyle (showtek, noisecontrollers, brennan heart), trance 3) acoustic - MTV unplugged albums     i'm right here in Singapore!
- haha well i have the green (or the plastic, for that matter), but i felt that the money should be kept for use on my other priorities. I'm enlisting in the army soon, so i will not get that much time to play with my audio toys in the near future    BUT. google stage 93 customs... and you will find that the 3 driver custom is priced at 500 + SGD, which piqued my interest again, somehow...  
- well fellow singaporean, usually the prices are all in USD unless stated (=   i can let you have my FC700 audio technica headphone to have a small taste of AT... i got it at stereo electronics for 70 SGD. Not a bad pair of headphones for that low price (=     EDIT: obviously you can get more from a cheap pair of headphones, but at least this is a better alternative than apple earbuds (=
- then probably the SM3, for its more neutral freq. response and versatility.    
  - clarity-wise i would prefer the SM3, to my ears of course. But if a fun sound sig is what you are looking for, then you might be better off with the HJE900 (=   EDIT: i was quite underwhelmed by the flatter response of the SM3 when i first got it, but as i listened to it longer, i begun to appreciate how the flatter sound sig... for example the drums are not constantly being accenuated throughout the song due to probably the bumped up low end, allowing you to be...
- I have owned an SM3, but bought the HJE900 to replace it when i broke it. I preferred the SM3 to the HJE900, but its all down to the sound signature that you prefer.   Mid-centric VS recessed mids, more balanced freq. reponse VS more fun sound sig, great isolation VS vented.    PS: i took the filters out from my SM3 and they sounded a lot better IMO    
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