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And Sold!
Sale pending, thanks for all the interest!
Yes it is the pro bias one, which uses the 5-pin DIN plug that works for all modern Stax amps
SOLD! Goodbye Sigma Pro! Thanks for all the interest!
Want to buy a pair of Sony SA5000, preferably full set with the stand and such, please pm with conditions and offer, thanks!
Haven't decided I should let them go yet or if anyone's interested in them, so I guess I'll post them up and please let me know if you are interested in it --------------- Up for sale is a pair of normal bias Stax Sigma Overall it is in mint condition, it will come with its original box with the stand, full documentation with the plastic bag: Owner's manual, warranty card, and factory-measured frequency response graph of the specific unit. The unit is one of the...
Looking for Ti series Audio-Technicas, specifically more interested in A900Ti and A100Ti but would love to get the other Tis as well, feel free to shoot me details if you have some and want to let go of them, thanks!
Cleaning up my inventory a bit and to pay for college!   1. Klipsch X10, Brand new in box Bought last black friday when it was still 99.99+tax on Amazon, thought I would use it as a spare but never did. Brand new in box.   Looking for SOLD, shipped   2. Shure SRH840 Bought some time ago and again, did not really use them much. There are a few scratches on the left cup (see photo) but overall in excellent condition other than that, pads, cable and the...
Looking for some flats to put on my RS2, the L-Cush doesn't sound quite right!
Dominating WOOT :DDD I'll definitely ready the pair of Stax for you guys, and perhaps I can even bring them to somewhere to meet up, just have to tune up my CD player a bit as well     WOOT! Yeppp another Washingtonian!
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