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Not sure how long since you have last visited Mingo but their flagship store has relocated to some office building near Sino Center, which is much smaller than the one they had before.Their current address is at:Room 901, President Commercial Centre,608 Nathan Road, Mongkok, KLN (+852 2770 6919)( Nearby you could check out Sim City mall which has stores of quite a few other headphone chain stores that includes DMA, KingSound and a small shop...
Still trying to scale down some of my collections :D Up for sale is a Stax SRM-006t Tube amplifier It is one of the earlier batches that, although with a sticker saying that it was 100V, it has that voltage switch that enables it to work worldwide. In this one, I have already switched it to 115V that would work locally in the US and can still be switched if the user wants to use in other countries. The 006t comes with the stock tubes which I haven't used too much, as I...
Well yeah, trying to consolidate things while I have plans to relocate after graduating....And if you don't mind, let's talk more in PM as well!
Currently planning to sell this outright, thanks!
Yes they are, they are in immaculate condition! ...well besides that little chip off the paint on that hinge/cup holder there... Oh and greetings as well, friend of Travis'!
Up for sale is a pair of Denon 100th Anniversary limited edition AH-A100, the original box and certificate would be included. I would rate it as 90% new as it looks great and sounds great, only with a bit of normal sign of use at the hinge part (please refer to photos attached) Looking to sell for 400USD including worldwide shipping, with buyer paying the PP fees.   Thanks for looking!
Sold! Thanks for all the interest!
Sale pending
Up for sale is the famous triad audio L3, the successor of Lisa 3. This is the early production (first batch) in wooden case that is only produced in a very limited number. The wooden case makes the unit much lighter than the metal one that is used in current production.   L3 has the same bass boost, RCA input and sonic character of the Lisa 3, with better battery life and more refined sound. This unit works perfectly, just with a bit of blemish at the corner of the...
Late notice to join, probably need a table for setting up some Stax and Audio-Tech with the Luxman DAC and Laptop too
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