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I have both the iPhone 5s and the HTC One m8 and they really do sound quite different with my ie800's...Not too sure which ones I prefer but the iPhone does seem to have more clarity from what I can tell so far.
So today I'm returning back the Klipsch x11i. Can't say I was too impressed with the quality of the sound bat all. In fact I couldn't even tell much of a difference between the klipsch and my standard apple earpods. The difference between them was minimal. The ie800 however blew both of them away in that sense. I'm also crossing off the SE 846's since I'm not really a fan of the over the ear style. I like something light and goes directly in my ear like the ie800's.
Kind of an odd question..but are you able to put the SE846 directly in the ear like the ie800's? Or must you always wrap it around your ear?
I did look into them. Looks like there is some debate as to whats better the ie800's or shures se846. I could be wrong but they look pretty uncomfortable compared to the ie's. Plus I'd be paying $300 more for them, I don't see any discounted prices anywhere
I'm all down for further recommendations given my preferences stated in my OP. Like I said I got these IE800's for around $700 so I wasn't paying 1k for them. But the klipsch x11's just didn't cut it for me. (Despite liking the comfortable feel)
I don't have the budget to keep both unfortunately. But I did get both of them in the mail.    I didn't do any "burning in" of either earphones so my impressions are straight from out of the box. In terms of comfort both of them are really comfortable in my opinion and offer a decent, maybe a slight edge to the x11i in terms of seal. I can both wear these for multiple hours without being bothered. (Comfort is one of the key aspects as to why I liked these two earphones.)...
Quick question these earphones need to be "burned in" or will it be fine out of the box?
I ended up ordering both the IE800 and x11i. Ill be returning one that doesn't sound the best to me. I'll be sure to followup here too  The klipsch?
My source would be my macbook and iPhone yes :/
Hmm so you wouldn't recommend on ie800 on a weak source? Looks like you have some deals where you can get it for $600-700 and not the retail of 1000. 
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