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do NOT even think about getting the Klipsch S4!   I also think that the SHE3590 are superior to the CX300.
Yeah I just put it on treble cut and the sibilance gets tamed
UE900 if they're anything like TF10s are quite good for metal as well
Pretty cheap on amazon
Sorry, can't. Don't have enough money to own anything other than the T20
I would recommend you don't get the T20's then because I find them to be bass heavy and I guess no one else in the world thinks they are bass heavy.
The sony's are too sibilant and treble happy, get the panasonics!
These headphones suck. It's almost impossible to get a seal with them so most of the time you're just hearing the most sibilant midrange resonance ever, and it makes your eardrums bleed and you wet your pants.
RPHJE120 are my favorite budget headphone of all time. The sound quality is only decent, but it is so non-fatiguing that you gotta try them out!
I agree I've had multiple pairs of the Panasonics mainly because they break kind of easily and I also lose them so easily because they're like $6 on Amazon! When the latest pair broke I decided to try out the Philips SHE3580. And while the Philips is superior in clarity and separation, they just are way to fatiguing and trying too hard for a $10 headphone. The Panasonics have a much more relaxed mid-heavy sound spectrum with decent treble and bountiful but muddy bass....
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