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I have decided to wait till Emotiva releases its new DACs.   One thing I observed is except PS Audio DLIII, most DAC don't have auto-select for their digital inputs.  Any particular reason why is it so ? For pure DAC that would eliminate need for remote 
Anybody tried it as a pre in their main system ?
Hows ASUS Xonar Essence One as pure dac ? (what chip ?)  Its available locally at good price   Another thought is to wait for Emotiva XDA-2
I think Schiit Bitfrost can also be in the list.
Hi all,   I am looking to buy a new DAC which can used as outboard DAC for PC or MAC, to be connected to my amp (NAD C372) in the main system. I am looking at following options :   1) Teac UD-H01 2) PS Audio DLIII 3) Peachtree DACiT 4) ASUS Xonar Essence One 5) Nuforce HDP   I am looking at only from pure dac perspective, and not looking at headphone amp / volume control quality ( though a good one is a bonus).    Which one will be best as pure dac...
I am sure DAC-100 is grt. But my point was about a companion dac for HAP-100. And since HAP-100 has a headphone amp already, the companion dac can be a pure dac. That way buying both, one will get analogue pre (HAP-100), heaphone-amp (HAP-100) and a DAC (the new unit I am talking about)   DAC-100 doesn't have analogue in, rt ?   Just a thought
  Hi jasonl,   I guess now you should plan a pure DAC( no pre, no head-amp) with same looks as HAP-100 [ and a good price :) ]. Someone looking to buy HAP-100 and a separate DAC will find that unit interesting. And maybe a common remote as well.   What do others think ?   Rgds, Hifisound
I confirmed with AudioEngine and they confirmed that it will be safe...
Btw is it safe to use mk iv as pre for audioengine A2s ?   Will there be any DC related issues ?
David suggested removing the volume knob and adjusting it. I removed the volume knob, the front plate and refitted all back and now its fine.   It was basically a problem with metal knob grinding with the external circular surface. Now its fine...   Back to burn in and listening now :)
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