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Really? St. Paul is a good 4 and 1/2 hours for impression Nearest town Fargo, ND population 50,000 This is rural USA but we do have a mayor
It is. Explains why i spend time on headfi Population under 13,000 Having lived in DC, Chicago , was a culture shock Winter here is no joke either
^ not  MOT , just an individual who enjoys checking out gears   was sold as used    thanks for your input 
Sorry, for any confusion I recently sold it and new owner shared the above pic   I did not notice any dent, when I packaged it so I figured I will ask for input from the thread
are you able to get more pics from different angles,  with and without flash?    I know flash sometimes add reflections   thx
  Hello everybody , need help and your input on  left piece: any idea if that is a dent or normal ?    Any other K10U looks like this?   Thanks  
Got my eyes on something else       selling as a combo only serious buyer only 
15ft? hard to manage my 10ft cable as it is since , I sometimes use it on the go around the house Not bright at all, at least to my ears
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