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Lucky Dube- Captured Live
Inventory reduction   3rd owner on both   LA-7000 -Upgraded Copper Queen (not standard Copper One) 5.5' Jena terminating to Furtech 1/4     AT W3000ANV -Norse Audio Skuld v2 ,8 conductor, terminated with Neutrik 4-pin XLR     pics upon request. buyers pay the pay pal fees   Thanks for looking
http://www.head-fi.org/t/742194/la-900-mint   Got it last November from the above ad   I will like to downsize my collections , so, no trades   copied from the ad -level 3 Lawton Audio Mod -Custom walnut wood ear cups. - four meter Jenna Labs 22awg cable terminated with a 4-pin balanced cable -No original box. NO original cups - Alll you get is the phone. I did however got a case for it and will ship in that   Paypal fees on buyer, if applicable   The item...
Fell twice already, gotta be ready to unclip been nice getting outdoors though
AK 120 Titan > Portaphile micro > Aurisonics 2.5 Happy Friday Headfi!!!!
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