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^ thanks guys
about the amp original ad with all the details- first owner   I traded for it  from second owner who had it briefly   was curious about it  and been using it with HD 650, T1 and even my Grado PS500 and enjoy the combo adding something like a  Ciunas DAC to the combo will be sufficient for some to enjoy     I have too many gears , my intent was to...
-as the title indicates X1 is new in box - a little indentation on the box from storing- got its few months back -Q701- is slightly used- got it off Amazon Warehouse deal a couple of months ago - Made in China       only selling together   reason for -sale- got too many for my use   price includes shipping via UPS ground within US   if applicable, Paypal fees on the buyer    More listing to some so if there is something I have you are interested in , please,...
TWerk- a few others with agree , also in my world Denon wins in terms of fun factor Th900 is just "too good"for some albums Glad you got to try it though
With products that have counterfeits floating around , I will only buy new even from sellers like Amazon They is no way of knowing if a customer who bought new , from Amazon , switched out with a fake from other source and return the fake to Amazon Resulting in Amazon unknowly selling fake through the warehouse I will only take the chance if I know what I am looking for, can return if fake and the price is significantly lower than new
^Unless you are the original owner , Hifiman quoted $230 for HE6 replacement about a month ago. Turnaround about a week , fast service
The Very Best of Oleta Adams Happy weekend and make the most of it , Headfi family !
thanks. cable is a lot more flexible than stock   DX50> Intruder> Sony XBA-H3
  with new FBI 24awg litz cable- absolutely great workmanship. Ted is awesome!!!     next:  "perfect" tips
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