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K10U SOLD thanks for all the interests
The Best of Miles Davis
After reading all these great reviews, I'm tempted to open my U12.  Only want to keep the U12 or K10U, decisions, decisions ............
Shuggie Otis "Inspiration Information" Full Album 1974 via YouTube   somebody  posted the link in another thread, so, thanks to that member. Always looking for new artists/albums for the fun of it
If you are looking at this, you already know what this DAC is capable of   Firmware: pike's peak  I have not had time to upgrade to the latest Yale firmware   I acquire this over the summer (07/2015). I have not registered it with PS audio    PS audio has transferable warranty which is a plus.  Have excellent customer service     Just spending more time with my other hobby hence the sale     http://www.psaudio.com/products/directstream-dac/     Pics upon...
Guess this works if a member prefers the "older" design and does not want to wait the 6-8 weeks or more
$1375 obo black Friday's special . Ready to ship Happy Holidays!!!
K10U is still available K3003i is sold
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