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rig of the day
 Backed a combo deal ( HE560+ basic Pulse)  with LH Geek Pulse via indiegogo campaign, just got the HE560    Got too many gears as it is and enjoy HE6 , so , decided not to even open the HE560     included in price Moon Audio Silver Dragon 10 ft cable with 4 pin male XLR connector retail for $375      combo deal only and price is firm but does include shipping within US via UPS Ground or USPS (schedule permitted)     Pay-pal fees on buyer, if...
For Sale  at least  a year old but with low hours. SS# 10, xxx  estimating less than 100 hours on it   Looking to channel the funds into other areas     Paypal fees on buyer, if applicable   Please check the thread below for information   Optional addition : good condition silver WA6SE( second owner)- two slight catch on the amp -using portable more these...
Originally got the GlennOTL amp for HD800 ( since sold) but really enjoying it with one of my fav phones T1 ( been thru a few). Getting away from seating at the desk but this morning really digging the combo Happy Listening headfi!!
Meshell Ndegeocello- Comet Come to Me
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