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I have another time the K701. I sold the HD800. Also I have the HD650.
I want to buy parts for PX100II pads.   Greetings.
No, sorry.   I want to know where to shop.   A greeting.
  Hi, I have two PX. The original and the II. The pads of PX100II are fatter. They are almost double.
What about the pads?
I have the H650.También I have The PX100II. For now, do not sound similar. They are much more Bassier the PX 100. Do they need a lot of burn-in?
One question: The pads of PX100II, are fatter than the PX100?   I have the two and see the PX100II fatter.  
What's wrong with your ears?
The Fidelio X1 is a hit in Europe.
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