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hehe... I remember seeing a cig-fi :)   Just got into e-cig about 2 months ago and been spending my $ there... head-fi + e-cig are definitely not healthy to my wallet!   Just a few of my stuff.   Hi pseudohippy!        
I have the few items I am bringing all ready to go!  so looking forward to the meet!
Added to calendar before I forget:) getting very excited.  Still bringing a few headphone and the ibasso dx100 so a just a little spot in the general hangout area would be nice, 
some guy used keys from wasdkeyboards for his steelseries 6gv2 keyboard if that's what you have.
I received this a while ago but haven't bothered to take a pic till today.   Georgetown Pottery G5 Shaving Scuttle Mug in Ivory and Green Oribe Looks very pretty, well done!  
  Never stream a day in my life. I have all the equips so might as well put them to good use.  I have a few tablets so having this one somewhere on the desk help me keep it charged, in a convenient place for me to use it and I can easily take it with me when I move to the sofa.  Find it easier than using my laptop for many tasks.     Absolutely!  The screen is just beautiful and the extra real estate over my 24" is so worth it..  Excellent price/performance ratio.  Was...
Just received my new keyboard a few days ago.  Loving it.       Customized cherry brown from WASD Keyboard. New mouse too, Razer Naga Hex.
    I am not sure whose DX100 you heard as mine was also on a table close to the door.  (if it is the one that has Chinese/Korean/Japanese music, then that should be mine). I did have 2 Diane Krall albums on my dx100 and they are from HDTracks both 96kHz/24bit   I don't normally listen to hi-res music (mid-fi here :) ) so knowing that ppl would be interested in hi-res on dx100, I just went to HD Tracks and bought a few that I know I will enjoy.          
Hehe, after seeing the watch here (sorry, forgot who it was that posted theirs) I had to get one myself.  Not the best picture/lighting, but I was just soooo exciting.  It is now sitting in my watch winder and watching it does its thing makes me so happy.   Love the dial and the blue stitching.  Very handsome watch.  
A few more shaving stuff arrived in the last few days. A lot of the purchases were based on member recommendation.     Pretty sure I am done with blades/soap/cream/etc for the next few months at least. I think I have a good sample of various products and hopefully in the next few months I will be able to find out what I prefer and a little variety doesn't hurt.   My Georgetown Pottery Scuttle also shipped and is estimated for delivery next week, should be...
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