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Tried these for a few days and was very impressed with the sound. Quite balanced, very pleasant sound...not harsh. I returned them because they are a strange size. Somewhere in between over ear and on ear...uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. People have different preferences in that regard, so I'd say give 'em a try. Especially for $60.
Heard a demo of the new B&W desktop speakers. Expensive, but very nice. Worth a listen if you get a chance. Check 'em out here:  
Incredibly helpful post, thanks very much! 
Bought them just over a month ago. Mint condition. Selling on eBay:   If you are a Head-Fi'er, I'll throw in free shipping. Just agree to purchase it on eBay, I'll close the auction, and we can exchange via Paypal. $110 flat. Email me after you've won the auction:   Thanks! Al
$120.00 USD plus $8.00 shipping in USA, $15 to Canada. Selling on eBay:   Thanks! Al
$120.00 plus $5.00 shipping to anywhere in the USA or Canada.   Mint condition 595's. I have barely used them and find they just sit around unused. Figure someone will get more use out of them than I do!   Cable, earpads, headband - all are in perfect shape.   Paypal or money order only. If paying via Paypal, please send to:   Thanks! Al
Thanks, I hope I do continue to like them for the price I paid!  :)   The sound is very warm, but I find that my head seems to like that. I don't get any treble fatigue, I think that is the best part. When I listen to my 595's for an extended period of time (even at a medium volume) the treble detail ends up hurting my ears after a while. Don't know if I have a physiological problem, but it is what it is. Warm = good to my head.
Just bought the P5's and absolutely love the warm, neutral sound. They take the edge off of the sound coming out of my iPad. Traditionally harsh sounding tunes are pleasant to listen to. I agree with most of you, some treble detail is softened but I prefer that. Very happy so far!
I'm a little late to the game here, but I've tried both the D1100's and the T5P and there simply isn't a fair comparison. The T5P's are simply incredible. They are big so they might not be the most portable in that regard, but the Denon's simply cannot compete. Different class altogether. The T5P is closed-can goodness. Accurate, tight...large enough sound stage, not sloppy at all.   Have not tried the others in your list.   Hope that helps! AO
I appreciate the thorough review, thank you! To me, the most telling part of this review is the "made for mobile devices" part. Here we have headphones designed specifically for iPods, cell phones, etc. I would assume that the vast majority of people out there have their music collections either on their computer and/or their iPod. Smart move for B&W, and smart move for those that listen via their iPod.   Kinda like me.
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