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No lil Wayne? Or any young, lil, or peoPle will symbols in their name? (lil Wayne, young jeezy, ke$ha)
Hmm seeing youtube clips of Saints Row 2 doesn't impress me much, but it is only $10 from 96 sources (thank you Google)   And yeah Gay Tony looks awesome to play. Plus there's a fight club in it, which I might have to visit every Thursday and start calling people there Tyler Durden and stuff but that's a whole other story haha. The new vehicles look sweet, plus the weapons too. I already mentioned parachutes (!!!)   I also want to look at Lost and Damned...
Wait Saints Row is for the PS3?! Maybe I can get some cheap entertainment haha awesome man thanks for the heads up I'll look into it. Now the decision: Saints Row 2, Dirt 3, or Gay Tony/Lost Damned?   I need a job, then I can justify buying all three I might have to resort to doing grunt work at minimum wage just to get some dough to spend lol.
Well I guess you figured out I own a PS3 so no Saints Row for me, but I am interested in Dirt 3 but with things like cars and headphones and Summer, that takes up money so I think I'm gonna wait for Dirt 3 to become old and buy it cheap. That's what I did with Dirt 2, I got it for $15 :)   I don't play too much video games anyway. I rather spend my time outside, but they do kill time extremely well.
Yeah I'm getting more into it recently after a few month break from PS3 to concentrate on schoolwork. Just recently dusted it off, and now I'm considering of getting the expansion disc, with Gay Tony and the Lost and Damned in one. Looking forward to new missions and parachutes :D   And as far as criticism, keep in mind the game was released in 2009, just when the PS3 was, and I think a year after 360 so Rockstar didn't know eithers potential to handle graphics etc.
I'm playing Grand Theft Auto 4, and I love it man. Beating the story again, spending endless hours exploring Liberty City and finding secret stuff that I haven't noticed in the past 3 years playing this game. One of the best games on the market IMO, must own if you own a PS3.   GTA IV <3
Just out of curiosity, what headphones are you using and how do they sound "sealed"?   I have the SR-225i's and when I close them I get a very bad, old AM radio sound, it's just really bad. I'm interested to see how other open headphones could sound better sealed, but I don't know much about open headphones. For what it's worth I seal them with my hands, but have used other means and got the same sound (tried it just to mess around and see the difference)
It must be your ears because I'm almost positive that drivers cannot wear out, it could be your pads? Everybody talks about Grado pads falling apart. Or maybe it IS your ears.   But I don't know much, I've never experienced anything like your situation. I'd wait to see what some of the more knowledgable people have to say lol
Ordered mine tonight, arriving Wednesday hopefully earlier :)
M50s are great because they don't need an amp. For some (most I think) comfort is great. I definitely love the comfort. As far as size-it's a full size headphone your going to look stupid regardless. But if you have some sense of self-enjoyment or I-do-what-I-want attitude you won't care. Plus I think they look good anyway. I wear them at my races, and around my neck, and I look fine.
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