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  You can try Shure olives, they last longer compare to comply.
Using t100 white core one.
Best Wishes Joe. 
  Can only use 1 coupon per order. I use the red25 as it give more discount.
Using Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac
Same here, just order a W4R going to be poor for long time ....
Maybe this review can help u.
using ipod class > pa2v2 > hd25, working perfectly.
For a DAC, you can take a look @ The HRT Music Streamer II Audinst HUD-MX1 Yulong U100 I myself, imac > udac2 > ld I+
PA2V2 is the 1st portable amp for many ppl including myself. Highly recommended for a 1st amp, affordable, long battery life & great support from Gary (lifetime warranty)
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