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I sold Nick my w-100s. Good communicatoin and he paid promptly. A good guy to deal with.
Here are some pictures of a meta42 that I built about two years ago. The enclosure is a tin that Fossil watches come in. This is the second tin I used. I drilled the holes all wrong on the first one.
By God, I think that's it! Thanks Soundboy
Hi fellow head-fiers. The other day I was having a conversation with a friend about the remaster of Pink Floyd's 'The Final Cut' and being quite a Floyd collecor that my friend is I was suprised to learn he hadn't bought the remaster. He then went on to explain how the remaster wasn't very well done, yadda yadda yadda, then proceded to show me this music forum he frequently posts at and a post on just the subject he was explaining to me. Anyway he also said you...
Count me in. If the final price is decent enough I'll definetly snag a pair.
Has anyone seen or heard this cool looking CD/SACD/HDCD/CD-R player? I want one!!! here are some links:
About a week ago I won a Sunny Day Real Estate record off of ebay and it arrived today. The seller was aparrantly from some kind of record company because included in the package were some stickers and promotional items for different bands I had never heard of. Among these was a small folded poster for a band called Denali. The poster intrigued me so I did some searching and downloaded some mp3s. Wow this is a really cool band. And that's all I'll say. Judge for...
Thanks for the response guys. My power supply search is now on hold for the moment as other priorities for money have come up. Like school. bah.
Does anyone have a schematic for a good 24V power supply? I'm upgrading my Pete Millett hybrid amp from the flimsy wall wart. Plus I hated the case I originaly put the amp in, threw it away and decided as long as I'm getting a new case why not have better power too? I was looking at this power supply at Welbourne labs and was getting excited about it until I saw the price. What a load of crap! I'm hoping to spend less than $50 if possible. Building it myself should...
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