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Good to know in the regular 3. I'm looking forward to taking the Perfect Seal demos to Canlanta in May!
Good point. While the 2~3 range is a little hot on the original ER-4S, the treble is really special. I hope the new models don't lose that treble.
I've always imagined about 3~4 db from 150 down, as I think the entire mid bass spectrum should be covered too. The gradual slope up could start in upper bass (150-250).The XR supposedly has 3 at 100 down. Here's to hoping that it doesn't heavily roll off or nose dive below 60.
I would guess not, since it maintains the diffuse field compensation above the bass boost. That said the XR is the one I'm most curious to hear. I prefer diffuse field tuning over Harman target tuning, but do think in-ears need to compensate a bit in bass for all the missing felt bass. The XR could hit the ety sweet spot for me.
The n20 is great iem. I'd like to see AKG offer a slighter higher end version with higher quality finishes and maybe a dynamic manufactured with a more rigid material for quicker speed. In lieu of that, I'll just keep happily rocking to the n20 as is.
Judging the price of an iem strictly on its parts list is an excercise in futility. If that's your only criteria for judgement, you will never be happy, and frankly it's a waste of concern. All iems over $25 are overpriced based on that criteria alone.
Yeah that's right- all digital filters sound the same; all output impedance sounds the same; all caps sound the same; all amounts of jitter sound the same; all mathmatical approaches to conversion sound the same. This conversation is going nowhere.
I don't understand why this conversation needs to turn into an attack of people's usage? There's room for all kinds of use cases. Turntables and speakers are not practical for everyone's home use, neither is stationary desktop equipment. Vive la difference.
I finally figured out what double flange tips I've been using on the N20- RHA large double flange. These are great on the N20. They allow me to get just the slightest bit looser seal than stock tips, due to their really short stem. The slightly looser seal allows me to drop bass quantity just a little to get a slightly more neutral overall response. At any rate, still loving the upper mid and treble presentation. Really engaging for rock music.
I can confirm what Spamateur heard. This weekend I was given a chance to hear the current Zeus uni next to the updated version. I tested both on a mezzo soprano modded MS-AK120. Clarity is indeed taken up a notch and the treble has improved sparkle. Overall I thought it made Zeus sound more balanced and even more engaging. I'm definitely sending mine in for the upgrade.
New Posts  All Forums: