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I have an AK240 and have no desire to mod or amp it. I really enjoy it. Yet I need to use the amp with the Tera for my multi-BA customs and really any low impedance IEM. There is no perfect set up but there are things good enough to be satisfied with, yet very few of us on Head-FI are for long.
Joe's EQ is tuned to the Philips she model tips. It definitley doesn't have less bass than the Ety. Are those tips no longer in the package?
Oh wow, so confusing! Thanks for the info. Does mingo-hmw ship to the USA? Edit- it looks like the mingo-hmw models only come in medium or small.
Thanks. Mine came unboxed but I'm betting I don't have the 101's.
What are the differences in those model numbers?
My impressions above were when switching from another cable that sounded no different from the stock gray Plastics1 cable (which already sounds pretty good).  Based on how the Legend reacts to various sources with slightly different varying output impedances, I've found the Legend is very sensitive to impedance in it's treble frequency response- treble presence will decrease slightly with increased impedance.  To my ears the Legend treble presence is better with the...
I haven't even seen the email that says I'll be receiving a survey email. Nothing in spam either.
I liked the foam the tips but I usually never have issues with foam attenuating treble. I know many have to trim down the foam overhang to keep from having treble attenuation.Maybe the medium spinfits will work for me on another universal. I like Ortofon tips a lot. They are probably my favorite tip but they don't work for me on the Supra either.I prefer wider bore tips on the supra, to give it the most treble air possible, so that's where the jays silicone come in....
Seems like ear anatomy is playing a big part here. I wish spinfits worked for me. The medium is too small and large is too large. Plus the silicone is very thin and breaks seal on the large very easily for me. My favorite tips are the original GR07 stock tips and Jays silicone tips. One thing is for sure- it's worth trying all in your tip arsenal to get the best sound for you.
Stay on 1.15 and consider 1.19 when it comes out.
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