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I've got a set of zeros here and I have to say they are quite pleasing. First off, they are fairly bassy but it's a good bassy. Basically take the Zero Audio Tenore and make it a bit more u shaped in signatire with more mid bass and a little more treble sparkle and that's what the Zeeo reminds me of. Very well worth the asking price IMO. I'm going to share these with some friends in another site as well. Nice job Shozy.
By the way, are they still shipping Vibratos? I paid the difference and haven't received any notification.
I think LH optioned to use 3.5 TRRS wired in the HiFiman balanced configuration, if I remember correctly.
Sick as a dog right now but hoping to wrap up my review this weekend.
@MIke M Not sure if it's just my iPhone but the FB doesn't load any posts. Just spins.
Nice! Very interested to learn more about its tuning direction.
Selling a very good condition UHA-6S mk2. Opamp ADA4627-1b installed. Comes with USB cable. No packaging but will be well protected when shipped. PayPal and conus shipping included. Pm with questions.
If your stock cable is indeed 3 ohm, the regular BaX should be an improvement, especially for balanced armature iems.
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