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The easy things I remember: the U10 is much, much bassier than the Zeus-R. Zeus's bass will be more tactile and firm compared to the airy Adele bass. Also the U10 didn't have a lot of treble presence. Treble detail could be masked by the prodigious bass. Treble is one of the Zeus-R fortes. Really nice sparkle and timbre, as well as very resolving. So overall the Zeus-R is much closer to neutral.
4 ohms output impedance doesn't mean more bass. It depends on the impedance curve of the iem or headphone in question, plus sensitivity. 4 ohms could take away bass, add bass or do nothing depending on these factors.
I thought I'd summarize the contents of my PM answers to esm87 about Andromda and Zeus, in case anyone else is wondering: In a nutshell, the Andromeda sounds U shaped when compared with Zeus-R or you could say the Zeus-R sounds just a little mid-centric compared to the Andromeda. Andromeda has a little more treble presence and sparkle, as well as a little more sub bass boost. Zeus-R sounds more neutral depending on ears and gears. Both have excellent resolution. The...
Selling an excellent condition set of Aurisonics Rockets. Comes with stock tips, tri-tabs, ear loops, carrying case and storage tin. Price includes paypal and shipping. PM with questions.
Selling a practically new set of Apple in-ears. Includes winding case and stock tips (1pr). Price includes Paypal and shipping. PM with questions. 
Mesh filters can come off any iem and often does over time depending on usage conditions. I've seen it happen on much more expensive Final Audio iems. The mesh filter in the P1's case is just to keep debris out of the housing; it does not affect SQ. The simple fix in my mind would be for Mee to provide or sell replacement filters.
The Spartan will sound U shaped in drect comparison to the middle mid forward UERR. The RR will have more bass punch in its signature but the Spartan will have more deep bass rumble. The Spartan will also have more lower treble presence and more sparkle. Next to the RR, the Spartan will sound wider and a little more airy.
I like both the Mojo and Dragonfly Red with my Zeus-R. My Mezzo modded AK120 not so much but it has great synergy with the UERM and Andromeda.
They don't stick out as far and are a hair more comfortable and contoured.
A Maestro universal built like the Martian would be nice.
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