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The UERM and the Rockets dominate all my ear time.I'll keep the Tenore, RE400b and BA200 but really only for future/ongoing comparison reviews/tours/etc. They are fine iems and offer neutralish sigs and are benchmarks in head-fi history but I'll have all my music enjoyment with the UERM and Rockets. At least until the Cosmic Ears CE6P arrives.
Here are some notes from a quick Rockets/UERM comparison for Luisdent: In find the UERM to more spacious/open sounding with even better layering than the Rockets. The UERM has better dynamics and more precise instrument placement. Overall the UERM comes across as sounding clearer and more resolving of micro detail. The same details are present in the Rockets, just not as easily discernible. The UERM has more treble emphasis, mainly around 10k but I do not find the full...
I'd recommend talking to Phil at Cosmic Ears
I see you have or had an RE400 and ER4PT. The JH13fp is definitely bassier than those two. It's about as bassy as you can be and still be in the outskirts of the neighborhood of neutral.
 I like the Oyaide RA better aesthetically.  The Oyaide will fit flush against your source, whereas the Neutrik will have some clearance, so consider that. I haven't had any oxidize or peal on me but I've read about those connectors doing that.  The Oyaide certainly seems more heavy duty. Here is what his webstore says, "All cables are made to order. "In Stock" simply means that I have the parts, but the cable will still be built once the order is paid. Standard lead time...
I tend to prefer copper over silver but I've been very happy with his SPC as well. I've never used BTG cables with Aurisonics iems before but once used a Tralucent silver with gold cable on an asg-2. Based on that experience, I'd try the Starlight.
Brian is apparently swamped in school, so his email response time was been a little slow in some cases. Regardless, his cable work is excellent. The standard 2 pin connector configuration will work with Aurisonics iems. No modification is necessary. The starlight cable is SPC or silver plated copper with a clear PE insulation, so it will look white/silver; and the midnight cable is regular OFC copper with black insulation, so you won't see the copper colored wire. Since...
I know all that but this is a very recent post by Gavin that seems to contradict that. Everyone posting after that is confused. It will be interesting to see if plans have changed.
On the LH forums, Gavin apparently let slip, answering a question about some kind of in auto text reading device, that they are using android.
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