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I've only seen it on FB, so not sure if there is a larger size graph.LH sells DACs. From desktop to portable and everything in between. They even have a DAP in the works (DAP is a few years in the making).
You could ask him to do the mod only for whatever pinout you need: two pin or mmcx.
I saw Larry Ho (LH Labs) weighed in on the headphone adapter: https://www.facebook.com/larry.ho.heyuan/posts/10157409342390532
My only sonic preference for cables is low impedance. Must be below 1 ohm and the lower the better for EE iems. Otherwise I buy for looks and flexibility.
Martian bass texturing was really good. I was happy hear a more even handed bass approach myself. To me everyone else tends to over do it when adding dynamic bass drivers. I greatly preferred Martian bass to Oriolus bass.
In general, EE highs have realistic weight and very good articulation and resolution, however they are slightly relaxed. They are not NT6/UERM/Andromeda type of highs.No plans at the moment (except possibly Zeus) but who knows what the future brings. I'd love to if asked.
Here is my overview of the line-up before remastered version of Zeus existed: https://cymbacavum.com/2015/11/02/the-empire-strikes-back-empire-ears-line-up-overview/None of the Empire line up is really bass heavy. While Hermes and Athena have a bit more than the other models, it's expressed in slightly increased impact and warmth. Athena bass and midrange are pretty balanced with a relaxed top end in comparison. It's still excellently clear and it's transparency and...
I'm wondering if the seal was less than ideal with the Athena. From most bass to least to me: Hermes > Athena > Apollo > Cerberus/Zeus-R > Spartan Bass emphasis in frequency response is obviously different between models but this is how I hear overall quantity.
Sounds like i5 might be more up my alley? When browsing by all songs, is it alpha order or does it group all track 01's together, etc?
Replace it with an optical solution: https://www.google.com/amp/www.forbes.com/sites/ewanspence/2016/09/27/apple-removes-iphone-lightning-port/amp/?client=safari
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