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Nice catch. This would effectively cut off treble extension to some degree. I'll have to see if I can get the spinfits measured against some stock silicone down the road. Too bad I didn't know this before I sent my Geek Verbs to Speakerphone for measurements or I'd have sent him a pair.
Curious if the mics with issues are TiN coated? Could be the coating is causing tolerance issues and turning short clicks into long clicks. No coating might be the best way to go on mic models. Hope you guys get it resolved.
Yes, over ear only for me. I dislike wearing any iem down.The DN1000 is a fantastic value.
This sounds about what I was thinking, from memory. But I'd call the hotness or harshness- energy. I'd buy an M2 silicone uni in a second. I loved that extra energy.
A bass veil removed or perhaps lower treble masking removed? If the later I can agree, although I prefered the demos treble energy. It was just plain fun. Anyway, congrats!
That's all about obtaining a loose seal. They will sound better with a loose seal for sure but, for me, not worth borthering with.
Agreed. Joe is a EQ Jedi.
Joe sent me his EQ points and screen shots. I tried to replicate the curve as closely as possible. I have two versions- this one and one removing a bit more bass. I'll have to try luisdents accudio settings on Monday.
Innerfidelity measurements show relatively similar amounts of boost but the Dunu's boost peak is placed in very deep bass, whereas the Altone starts to peak much sooner.I prefered TS series comply tips as foam didn't seal quite as completely as silicone, therefor a little less bass overall. I also tended to use the comply without spacers for a shallower fit. The only complaint in fit I have is the Dunu is fairly heavy and can be physically tiring over long periods due to...
Had a chance to borrow the DN1000 for a week or so. Very impressed by its clarity. Bass boost was tastefully done and thankfully vocals weren't too recessed. Other than being just a hair bright, I really enjoyed the tuning. The clarity really is fantastic. The Titan 1 happens to the flavor of late but I find the DN1000 to beat it in every aspect, although it's roughly double the price, if I'm not mistaken. The DN1000's technical performance has me interested to see what...
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