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Early impressions- Midcentric, better yet- vocal centric, with a rawness and edge. Polite, non-fatiguing but weighty treble. Excellent bass quantity- this is not your typical consumer bass heavy sig- rather it's tight, textured, quick and nimble. Layering is superb. Vocals are lifted and presented on a platter before the feast. Drums are nicely separated from guitars- The head space is not dramatically wide but has great proportions; most importantly fantastic height...
Thanks for this. Sometimes things tempt for no good reason. I love the stock clarity and transparency with my UERM.
For what it's worth, I hated silver cables (and those with gold) on the JH13.  Copper sounded best imo and the aftermarket copper cables I tried certainly looked better than stock but didn't improve on the sound.  I think if you do a search in this thread, you'll see several people tried other cables and came back to stock.
He mentioned in the comments of an update. White cable standard colors first, then other color options would follow. Not that it matters.
I think they are creating them in color combination batches. My black cable and gray TiN shells were delivered today (backer #3). Unfortunately I have to work late...
I'll be joining the Cosmic Ears family soon. Placed my order for a CE6P and should be sending in impressions by mid next week.
^ Very good feedback. If anyone else is interested in auditioning these, they need to PM me before ZapX629 mails them back to me...
I figured they'd eventually release a lab series and it would be dual ba. But I wonder about time frames? I'm guessing not until next year.
This was touched on a few pages back. I contacted FAD and they told me there are no further releases of the Lab1 planned. The Heaven 7 and 8 will be tuned to sound very similar but will only be single BA. At this time they said no plans to release a dual BA. How long no plans means is anyone's guess.
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