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The Echobox Nomad housings look awfully familiar: http://www.head-fi.org/t/829594/echobox-audio-ces-2017-new-products-debut-impressions-discussions
The Tera-Player has the most intuitive and easy it use interface I've used. While time consuming, you can navigate an SD card blind. It can do things no other dap can do, like one button press from all songs random into full album play of the song that moves you. Seriously, it's easier to use than an iPhone. I've been waiting for the day for someone match a Tera style UI with a screened dap.
Hermes was the bassiest and warmest to me as well, so my least liked in the original lineup. However, Hermes may benefit the most of the Adel tech, along with the original Zeus. In my very brief Adel lineup demo, Hermes sounded pretty great with the modules. I need to get back and bring my own tips and spend a bit longer with them all.
Do we know output impedance?
Oops, autocorrect goofed me. I meant tubing. What kind of tubing and how long a piece?
What kind of tuning are you guys using? And how much? I'm going to try this portable set up.
Not really. It's part of its frequency response and ringing at the peaks. I heard it on QP1R, Mezzo modded AK120, Mojo, DFR and iPhone dongle with silicone tips. Foam tips helped greatly to tame the sibilance and resonance. Ear anatomy and fit depth have much greater impact than source or cable ever will, for the case of a dynamic driver in-ear.
I'd be up for a Vega driver like that. I appreciate the driver speed the diamond coating seems to bring to the table.
I hear it the same, in stock configuration, as James444 on any gear. CA foam tips are required to tame the sibilance (silicone tips are no, no for me) and a front tip vent mod is required to bring the sub bass down to reasonable levels to become enjoyable to me. I think we can stop trying to invalidate his impressions. It's not his first time around the block. It's not for everyone, and that's ok.
WUT? I disagree with every. single. word.
New Posts  All Forums: