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I do. I've caught myself doing that the last couple of weeks. For me it was new earbuds that set it off. I took rockbox off of one of my players because I was constantly tweaking and fooling with the sound instead of just enjoying the music. I hate it when I get like that. I'm old enough (44) to remember when my options were On/Off and AM/FM. It didn't sound as good, but sometimes I think it made just listening to music a whole lot easier. 
Bugden Audio has the charms too. That's where I bought the AS-feeling.
The AS-Charm is supposed to be good, but you may need an amp to drive them properly. I just ordered the AS-Feeling over the weekend ($40) and will give my impressions when I get them. I have the Sennheiser MX 580's now and I really like them. They're about $30. I'm sure there will be some other recommendations from others. 
Glad you like them Socrates63. I've been very happy with mine. They seemed to have loosened up a bit or my brain adjusted. I adjusted the EQ to take some of the bite out of the high end and added a little bass. My ears are very sensitive to high frequencies. The only thing I don't like is the cord. It always twists on me. But I can deal with that. Overall they are a great bang-for-the-buck earbud.   SoulSyde-- I hope the AS-Charm works out for you.
My vote goes to the Sansa Fuze or the Sansa Clip+. The Fuze is a little sexier, if you're wife is concerned about that stuff. The Clip+ is a great small mp3 player. It's about the size of Zippo lighter. They both sound great. Both are very easy to use. 
So far I really like them. I'm in the process of putting some music on that I know better than the stuff I had today so I can get a better impression. The first word that came to mind when I put them on today was clarity. The highs seem a bit harsh and the bass could be beefier, but with some EQ (not much) I think I can take care of that. The bass is punchy without being boomy. I'm not a bass head so these should be fine for me. I'm gonna throw on some Miles Davis...
SoulSyde Got my MX 580's today. They have a totally different sound signature than the PK3's. Much more clarity. The highs are much clearer and the bass isn't that boomy, fun bass of the PK3's. The bass on the MX580's is tighter and clearer. This is right out of the box on a rockboxed SansaClip+ with no equalizer used. I'm pretty sure these will loosen up a bit, but if you're looking for a sound similar to the PK3's I don't think these are the ones.  With all that...
Same here----two pairs of PK3's broke on me. Threw the first pair away. I going to try and fix the second pair on a cold winter day with nothing to do. I bought the MX471's but they don't fit right no matter what I do.I have the MX 580's on the way. Should get here tomorrow. Gonna give the Sunrise AS-Feeling a try when available.
I'm in the same boat SoulSyde. Had two pair of PK3's go bad. So I'm off YUIN for now. I've since gotten a pair of Senn MX471 (for smaller ears) and they don't fit right. Guess my ears aren't as small as I thought. I have a pair of Senn MX 580 on the way. I don't like the in-line volume control though. Just another connection that can break.  I'm waiting for the Sunrise AS-Feeling to become available. I'll definately pick up a pair when they do.
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