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Check out "December" by George Winston. It's solo piano. It's not strictly Christmas music, although there are a few Christmas songs on it. If you have people over it's a great background album. Definitely has a holiday feel. 
Check out Etta James album. "Tell Mama". It's more soul oriented , but Etta has a wonderful voice. Here's a website I go to for info. on artists that I don't know that well. It gives reviews and has people reviewing that are familiar with the various albums. Also check out YouTube. Type in "Etta James" (for example) and see if it seems like something you are interested in. I do that a lot. Good luck and happy listening.
Gillian Welch is up there for me.
Lately my favorites have been Etta James and Susan Tedeschi.
Thanks ethan----I only have about 60 hours in them. I'll put em through some more listening and burning. The only reason I mentioned the PK3's was because of a thread somewhere where these might be "PK3 killers". The PK3, for better or worse, seems to be the comparison point for all buds less that $50. I'm going to try and get these to "open up" a bit.
I bought these from Bugden Audio a couple of weeks ago. I highly recommend Bugden. Easy transaction, great communication, quick shipping. Couldn't ask for more. I paid $39.99 USD. The buds came very well packaged. They came with a set of standard foams and a set of donuts. The foam on these seems a little thicker which helps with the fit. The cord is a little short at 1.2 meters (about 3'11"). The buds themselves are plastic, but seem very sturdy and overall build...
Tried to post  a review. Only posted the first line though. Crap.
Didn't work for some reason--I'll try again. Sorry.
Good to know I'm not alone logwed. 
John Denver anyone?  
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