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I do some. I buy a little silver each month. Usually 3-5 ounces. That's the nice thing with silver, it's relatively cheap. Over the years I've sold some and and bought some gold. Slow and steady. You don't need to start big. Just start buying a little at a time. It adds up. Most of the money I use is money I don't miss. My change jar accumulates about $300 every few months. I use it to buy silver. Don't forget about old silver coins either. A 90% silver quarter...
I use "Rate Your Music" a lot. Don't know if it has what you're looking for (lists etc.), but it's worth checking out. 
Thanks for the review. How's the build quality? Straight or 90 degree jack?
Listening to "Clear Spot" as I type. A true original. Thanks for everything Captain. You will be missed.
One of my favorites. Thanks for everything Captain. RIP.
Thanks. Still smiling here.
Yeah. Mine came USPS. 
Voicemaster---No tracking info..Just got info. from Bugden that my order had shipped. I then waited (somewhat) patiently by my mailbox.
My order from Bugden arrived in 7 days. I live in Pittsburgh. So 7 days from Canada and across the country basically. I was very happy with Ethan's service. I would shop again without hesitation.
I'm an atheist, so I don't believe in Kanye.
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