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PM sent. Just in case beachpea doesn't grab 'em.
Thought these were gone. PM sent.
Got "the black" earbuds Friday. Very impressed. They sound (to me) very natural and well rounded. They were a little small so I took the rubber rings off of a pair of Senn. MX471's I had laying around and now they fit great. I gave them 5 stars on Amazon. For $20 they can't be beat.
Robjrock---- I'd say the bass output is a little better in the Sunrise. The PK3 has a punchier, more direct bass. The Sunrise has a little boomier bass. It's not a huge boomy bass though. It's more rounded. Also the Sunrise focuses more on the mids, maybe helping the overall bass sound a little more. Neither one are bass monsters. It's really a tough call. I have not tried the donuts, so I really can't help you there. My explanation probably doesn't help too much, I'm...
Thanks for the review, I've been looking forward to these.
Thanks for the updates Mike. Much appreciated.
I started with Beethoven's 5th, Bach's Brandenburg concertos, and Handel's Water Music and Music for the Royal Fireworks. All of them had enough going on to keep me interested. Buy a compilation CD of various composers. Sure, it may not have the complete pieces by the composers, but it will introduce you to different sounds and styles. Remember it's about what YOU like, not what others think you should like. Something will catch you ear or grab you by the soul. That's...
I've been to a couple. Couple of things that helped me. I always take a few minutes outside to just slow down and collect myself. If you smoke, bring a breath mint. Remember to be positive. Never talk negative about a past job. Even if it sucked. When you shake hands, look people in the eye. Be secure about your abilities, but don't be cocky. Be professional. If nothing else this is a good way to get introduced to the wonderful world of job interviews. Good Luck!  
Thanks for the reviews and info.. I'm a "bang-for-your-buck" earbud lover and will be getting the 9Wave studio as soon as they are available.
Yeah, I don't think silver is on a bubble. I see it maybe going down to mid to low twenties for a while but it'll be back up. There are emerging technologies that are using more and more silver. Water purification, batteries, new surgical uses, solar panels, just to name a few. Long term I think it has a good outlook. By long term I'm talking 5 years and over. Who knows though? I just put my money where I'm comfortable and don't keep all my eggs in one basket.  
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