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Thanks so much. I'll give these a shot and report back.
So I know I'm not alone in this but I've yet to see a solution for it. I've been using my fiio fine for several years with my windows 7 machine. My new machine is unfortunately now windows 8.1 and nothing but again in my ass. Plug in the e17 via usb and it will eventually hard crash. Has anyone figured a solution to the blue screens? I've deleted the drivers, updated them....crash crash crash. I swapped USB ports, and it doesn't crash, but it stops outputting to...
if you cant hear one, then there isnt one.  thats the test lol.
how bad is the leakage on these things?  in comparison to a grado for example?
Up for grabs - denon d2000. Have some normal wear, and a few superficial things of note, but nothing that affects the sound. Some scuffing on the metal cup holder over the right cup, and the little plastic stopper came loose at the base where the cord enters the right cup. Also, the cable made its way out of its knitting and coils towards where it unifies into one cable. Its far enough down that ive never been bothered by it, and there aren't any sound issues because...
1. grado es325 - super detailed and a great upfront presentation.  uncomfortable as sin 2. shure 840 - my first decent set of phones.  still the most "3d" set ive owned, and thats my favorite aspect of any of the sets i own.  i dont know if its a first love thing going on, but i keep finding myself coming back to them. i would love to find a higher detailed version of this with maybe a little more thump. 3. denon 2000 - comfy comfy comfy!  good sub bass, but probably my...
new owner here, really late to the game on this one.  im enjoying the hell out of them so far.  i got mine used, so theyve had time to open up already, but i found the stories of shrilly treble to be pretty exaggerated.  theyre bright, no doubt, but i dont find them offensive like a lot of people were claiming.  i love the detailing and the instrument separation though. theyre certainly more up front than my last phones, but i seem to prefer it that way.  bass is nice,...
lol, you mustve talked to my wife about all of my headphones/guitars/pedals/anythingelseiveboughtrecently :)
 it sounds like you guys are surrounded by cartoon characters.  lol.   honestly, what did you expect though?  he dropped 300 big on these headphones, and you're intent to is to essentially show him he wasted his money.  people tend to get wonky like that.   Id be lucky to find someone in reality that actually cared about headphones that much, period.  let alone what brands you're rocking.
 please dont mistake my posting about for caring.  i dont care, and im certainly not "bothered". lol i find this thread ; and the overall hatred of beats interesting.  especially because most of the issue seems to be taken with other people not getting value for money or other brands not getting recognition people feel they deserve.  im fascinated that people have such defenses over other peoples bank accounts.
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