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Still available
You guys know the drill.  A well cared for Valhalla 2 for sale.  Everything is in perfect working order, and no scuffs/scratches/dings or dents.  has tube risers, and i will get pics on here this evening so you can see for yourselves.  Baby on the way, and I need to downsize.  Asking 290 total, shipped and PP'd.  Drop me a PM if interested or have any questions.  Thanks!
If you have one, Pm me w price/pics. Thanks
well then to answer the guys question -   yes they leak.  i think a lot.  pfillion doesnt think its that much.  so the answer is somewhere in that range lol.  Best of luck  
 maybe you have very tolerant coworkers  they leak.  IMO, alot.  which was his concern.  i dont think its really debatable, as everyone seemingly is in agreement that they leak...the degree to which that leakage is tolerable may vary.
 they leak like theyre open.
 Had both.  HE500.  The x00 was fun, certainly a quality phone, and excelled in particular genres. felt the 500 was a better all rounder, was generally better in a lot of regards and was close enough to giving me what the x00 was better at that i would just take the 500 over it.  
 lol that makes me rethink ever buying used headphones ever again....................................
 i thought they were ok with metal.  however thats primarily where i felt the recession of the mids, so the vocals felt more distant, and the guitars were a little more laid back.  That was an issue for me, but it might depend on the genre of metal, or preference on how you like your presentation.
OR you can grab a used one on the classifieds and mod it to taste.  there is no plastic ring on earth they could have jammed in there that can justify what is realistically double the price.  Take the discount on the regulars IMO.
New Posts  All Forums: