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I got a nice offer for a Burson HA-160. It seems it could be a nice upgrade from the smaller Meier Corda. Will I hear big sonic differences?
Hi everybody, my current setup is Notebook  -> DAC HRT Music Streamer II -> Meier Audio Corda Ha1 Mk II -> Sennheiser HD650. I would like to upgrade the Corda but I am not sure of what would really be an upgrade. Would it make sense to upgrade it with a Graham Slee Solo or would it be the same?   Any suggestions? I am looking for a solid state amp, not tubes.   Thanks!
It's not the power supply, the amp switches on without problems. The thing is that there is no sound coming off. There are no loose parte either, so I suspect that one of the fuses are blown, as they look the only things which could break.
Ok, I opened it, nothing appears to be broken inside, but still it's not working. I will have another look tomorrow.
Well, of course i saw the little hole, but could not find the screw... I'm gonna check better!
Hello, my sweet Corda Ha1 Mk2 fell to the floor and stopped working. I am trying to open it to check if there's anything broken inside but I have no idea how to remove the volume knob. Pictures of the amp are here, cordaha1 As you can see, to open the amp I need to remove the knob... but how? Thanks in advance. G
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