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All three :/  
My NT6-Pro have very hard treble but the fit is perfect. I can´t really listen to music with loud cymbals.  
How are your first impressions of the NT6 Pro?
To me the He-500 is alot better with a good desktop amp. The He-500 requires a more powerfull amp to sound really great then the Stepdance unfortunately.
You can now get the High Edition from GD-audiobase   Only costs 50$ extra.
  How did it sound with your JH16?  
Price lowered to 470€
I asked them about the sound signature. They told me me this: "Due to the size of the 15mm dynamic driver the sound signature would be described as bassy/warm. They take EQ extremely well. They are not harsh or overbearing either"
Hi, I´am selling my Westone ES5 in perfect condition. 1 month old after I got them completly redone by Variphone. Comes with all accessories.     Iam in EU (sweden) so people from EU don´t have to pay customs etc. Price is 470 Euro inc shipping in EU. You pay paypal.    
This looks interesting. Seems to be a 14 driver custom iem that costs a little over 2000$
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