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    Yeah I can do that :) I will be getting back my NT6 Pro tomorrow I can write a short review. Comparing it to NT6 Pro, Wan Xuan I9 Pro and Heir 8A.
Finally got my 1964 V6. They sound bassier than I thought they would do and brighter. Not that far from NT6 Pro. A little warmer and a bit more neutral. Need to listen more.
  Not yet, but I think I have to send them back for a refit. The right one hurts alot to put in. The right nozzle is also the shortest. I don´t find the sound to be laid back at all except maybe the treble as its almost non existant most of the time. Mids sound forward and distant at the same time and rather bright and rough. The bass is exactly as you described it. The soundstage is big but not huge with good depth. The biggest soundstage I have ever heard is with my...
  I wonder if burn in can really change them that much. But they are dynamic.
A couple of pics   The nozzles are very short. They sound like 20$ earphones for some reason. Very muddy and almost no treble.
I got my I9Pro today. First impression. Lots of bass, but not alot more. The nozzles are very short and the right side don´t fit very well.
If iam lucky they will arrive next week. My I9 Pro are on their way too after two months wait.
My new NT-6 Pro (have not received them yet)
My ear impressions never arrived at Beat Audio. I don´t know if I will be getting them. But I have ordered a 1964 V6 also.
The c5 should have a bigger bassdriver.
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