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I got my Nt-6 Pro before you Joe. Maybe I can get my NT-6 Pro remade too. I still think the treble is a little harsh. And I regret not getting silicone tips and artwork. 
Is it because of the dynamic driver and the large soundtube?I tried another silver Cable and it made it much worse. Way to bright and piercingTreble. But it sounded very good with my es5.Typing on the phone is difficult in this site.
  A very long time. Almost gave up on them :) I regret not getting silicone tips. Yeah they are, Maybe something cheaper that I can use at the gym and run with if possible. That won´t break because of sweat.
Never heard of them (I`am from sweden) Very interresting.  
Thanks for telling me :) Then I can use my 2.5 months ear impressions I got back from heir audio if I want to. But I almost wish that they didn´t do that :P
Hi, I like it much more now. Yes they have, I don´t know if they have a extremly long burn in time, but the highs are much better now, especialy with the Toxic silver cable.
I have heard that they shrink
Joe, how long do you think ear impressions last?
The ES5 is a little more midforward but the 8.A has really amazing mids. I would say that the mids on the 8.A is better. than Westones.  
I have a 8.A and I have owned a ES5. They sound a bit similar. The 8.A have alot mot bass, but the ES5 is not bass shy. They are both warm but the 8.A is warmer, but it sounds as detailed as the ES5. The 8.A have a little bit bigger soundstage and the ES5 can sound a bit congested with very fast music.   They are both very good, but I like the 8.A more.
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