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  It can :) but its not recommended because it will not sound as good.
  Ebay :P Hopefully I will receive it soon.
  I gave up to. Bought a Fiio X3 instead, been waiting for far to long.
Just bought it. Hopefully I will receive it without problems. And it looks like I don´t have to pay any Vat/customs!
  Do you think that the R^2 is better than the SA-43?
I´am selling my Hifiman He-500 headphones because I only use my iems and speakers and I need money for a new subwoofer.   They come with a carrying case, velour, pleather pads and a silver cable.   Price includes shipping to EU. 
  No I think the NT6 Pro is clearer than all other custom iems I have heard and the V6 is in second place. I find the Heir 8A to be less clear than the V6. The i9pro is not in the same league as NT6 Pro, 8A, and the V6. I like it anyway except the fit. Its really fun sounding.   I have only one problem with the V6. The bass isn´t the most detailed but I have only used them for like 3 hours. Mids and treble are amazing.  I need to burn them in when I have time. On the NT6...
  I did. It was a long time since I heard the ES5. But I remember it to be a bit warmer and I think the V6 is a little bit clearer and spacious. The ES5 is more smooth sounding.
  I find it alot clearer than the I9pro and a bit above the 8.A.     Less than the 8A and alot less midbass.
    Metal ;)
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