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  Ebay :P Hopefully I will receive it soon.
  I gave up to. Bought a Fiio X3 instead, been waiting for far to long.
Just bought it. Hopefully I will receive it without problems. And it looks like I don´t have to pay any Vat/customs!
  Do you think that the R^2 is better than the SA-43?
I´am selling my Hifiman He-500 headphones because I only use my iems and speakers and I need money for a new subwoofer.   They come with a carrying case, velour, pleather pads and a silver cable.   Price includes shipping to EU. 
  No I think the NT6 Pro is clearer than all other custom iems I have heard and the V6 is in second place. I find the Heir 8A to be less clear than the V6. The i9pro is not in the same league as NT6 Pro, 8A, and the V6. I like it anyway except the fit. Its really fun sounding.   I have only one problem with the V6. The bass isn´t the most detailed but I have only used them for like 3 hours. Mids and treble are amazing.  I need to burn them in when I have time. On the NT6...
  I did. It was a long time since I heard the ES5. But I remember it to be a bit warmer and I think the V6 is a little bit clearer and spacious. The ES5 is more smooth sounding.
  I find it alot clearer than the I9pro and a bit above the 8.A.     Less than the 8A and alot less midbass.
    Metal ;)
  Iam not 100% sure about that either but my NT6 Pro treble improved alot over time. It was extremly harsh in the beginning. I have owned them both. My Wan Xuan i9 Pro has improved alot but it has a dynamic driver.   The V6 sounds clearer than the 8A. Less midbass and it can handle faster music much better. The bass got rather bloated during fast dubble bass drumming. The V6 has alot more treble. I don´t understand why the 8A has 4 drivers for the upper register when its...
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