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  You should not have to pay any customs or vat when buying from Korea to Europe. There is some kind of "Free Trading Agreement". Mine where declared as 1250$.
There is a 6 driver now.
It sounds about as good as my Little Dot DP_1 that costs 439$. Only that the soundstage is a little bit bigger maybe on the DP_1.
  The Fiio destroys the the Classic :) But its not on the same level as the DX100.
Got my Fiio X3 today. Sounds very good. Warmer than I expected.  
Looks like a combined Ibasso DX100 and Hifiman 901.
  The universal version of the Tralucent 1+2 sounds better because it has no sound tubes that the custom version must have.
If it had a sd-card slot I would be alot more interrested.  
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