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They ship to Uk. Getting mine on Friday. Can't wait!
Iam wating on my rwak100-s too. But I only have the Glacier ;/.
Mine seem to have a problem playing ogg. Strange loud noise. Nothing wrong the files. Acc, flac, mp3 works perfect.
  How much did they cost? :)
Just got my Glacier. First impressions as a usb dac. Huge soundstage, a bit warm, fast. Going to hook it up with my Fiio X3 and DX100 and see what happens later.
  The sound quality increases alot with a better source/amp. More than other ciems that I have heard.
When is the next review? =)
  You should not have to pay any customs or vat when buying from Korea to Europe. There is some kind of "Free Trading Agreement". Mine where declared as 1250$.
There is a 6 driver now.   http://ambient-acoustics.com.ua/music/musicproduct/am6-hirez/
New Posts  All Forums: