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What tips are you using with your R^2 Swimsonny?
You mean a song?
Hi, thank you for answering.Loud drumfills have alot of clipping/distortion but they are almost gone with the EQ. I have tried several amps and the clipping/distortion sounds the same with all amps.
I have to say my RWAK100-S + Glacier gives me the best sound I have ever heard! Beats my DX100. But for some reason I get alot of distortion/clipping if I don´t use the eq (flat) with the 2.0.1 firmware.
Yes it is. I once took my giant AlgoRhythm solo rig with me. 
  Probably. But I like The Next Generation more ;)
  The artwork looks alot better irl.     I miss my 8A :(
Just picked up my RWAK100-S.
They ship to Uk. Getting mine on Friday. Can't wait!
Iam wating on my rwak100-s too. But I only have the Glacier ;/.
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