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A couple of pics   The nozzles are very short. They sound like 20$ earphones for some reason. Very muddy and almost no treble.
I got my I9Pro today. First impression. Lots of bass, but not alot more. The nozzles are very short and the right side don´t fit very well.
If iam lucky they will arrive next week. My I9 Pro are on their way too after two months wait.
My new NT-6 Pro (have not received them yet)
My ear impressions never arrived at Beat Audio. I don´t know if I will be getting them. But I have ordered a 1964 V6 also.
The c5 should have a bigger bassdriver.
How close is it to your jh16? :)
They charge you only 70$.  
I´am selling a Heir Audio 8A. Comes with the standard accessories.
Alien Ears seems to have a new 8 driver model.   132db sensitivity!
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