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I have used my rti1 for about 60 hours now and they sound great. Could have more bass. But the cable has failed after 4 weeks. I have to say rhapsodio makes amazing iems but their cables are some of the worst I have seen. My rhapsodio R^2s cable just fell apart after three weeks. Other cables I have still works after several years.
I´am selling my 1964 V6. Comes with case, cleaning toll and a Beat Audio cable with a rhodium straight plug.    Price includes shipping to any country in EU.  
  Never heard the 1plus2 but from what I have read they seem to sound somewhat alike. 
I´am selling my RD Ref Titanium one. Price includes shipping to anywhere in eu.;
Thanks for answering. I have a Em32 but before I went with the EM32 I was looking at the K10. I seem to have made the right choice. I think it has about as much bass as the Heir 8a but less midbass and tighter.
How do you think your K10 compares to the Em32?
Got my em32 a couple of days ago. Very impressed with these. Compared to my NT6 pro they don`t sound as clear but I find these extremly enjoyable to listen to. I found them better than the NT6 pro. The mids are incredible and the treble has even more details than then the NT6 pro. NT6s bass is faster and sounds clearer but the Em32 has great bass too and its more boosted and hits harder. The soundstage is a little bit wider and alot deeper than NT6 pros. You really get...
The bass sounds a bit worrying. I hope it will work with fast music. I should receive my em32 next week.
  I should have said that I think they are more tolerant to sweat. I have used several balanced armature iems at the gym and they have all stopped working after extensive use. That has never happened to any of my dynamic driver iems.
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