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The bass sounds a bit worrying. I hope it will work with fast music. I should receive my em32 next week.
  I should have said that I think they are more tolerant to sweat. I have used several balanced armature iems at the gym and they have all stopped working after extensive use. That has never happened to any of my dynamic driver iems.
I recommend that you use one with dynamic drivers. They are more tolerant to sweat.
It`s not out yet. They told me end of januari.
I´am selling my Pro 330p. Price includes shipping with tracking.
She is not home. But she can try them tomorrow. It sounds like there is something weird with the high driver. Need to do more testing.
Got my Pro 330 yesterday. For some reason my 330 got some crazy sibilance. Can´t listen to them :/ Fit seems perfect. 
What tips are you using with your R^2 Swimsonny?
You mean a song?
Hi, thank you for answering.Loud drumfills have alot of clipping/distortion but they are almost gone with the EQ. I have tried several amps and the clipping/distortion sounds the same with all amps.
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