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Updated my comparisons   Kumitate Lab Hybrid  3 balanced armatures, 2 dynamic drivers with 4 bores.  Cost: 540-550$     Build Quality 100/100   The best I have ever seen. Thick large shell with no bubbles or imperfections.    Bass 86/100   Very powerful bass with very good texture. You can clearly hear bass guitar bass lines. Not the fastest bass but it can keep up with almost anything.    Mids 84/100   The mids are a little more behind the bass and treble...
I´am selling my RWAK-100S. I has a small scratch on the top as you can see on the picture. Comes with the box, usb cable, leather case and screen protectors.      Price includes shipping to anywhere in Eu. 
I´am selling my JH Audio Roxanne that has been reshelled by Perfect Seal labs.  Comes with case and cleaning tool. Price includes shipping to anywhere.
I´am selling my NT6 Pro that has been reshelled and retuned by Custom art and Lime Ears. They are warmer sounding than the original NT6 Pro and have smother highs. Comes with case and cleaning tool. Brand new cable.    Price includes shipping to anywhere in EU.  
I find the Em32 to be bassier than the NT6 Pro especially with a weak source like the Zx1 and clip zip. With something more powerful its a bit tighter but its never to much for me. The NT6 Pro is harder to match with the right source. The EM32 sounds great with everything.
No trades at the moment except maybe for a Dx90 plus cash.
 I´am not really a basshead :) I prefer a little more than neutral. Its very possible to have both clarity and bass quantity. I think that applies more to lower end earphones. My Earsonics EM32 have a lot of bass. (sometimes too much for me) More than all my other ciems but its almost as clear sounding as my NT6 Pro. The NT6 pro is colder and a bit faster though. 
  It lacks impact, there is not enough bass for me. I mean soundstage depth (depth perception). 
 Mine is acrylic. There are some imperfections on the shells. But great quality is not really important to me. Its just a small bonus.  
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