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Here is my review of the Rhapsodio 10 Pros: Extreme clarity, imaging yet very musical sounding. Cons: Lack of accessories This is a small review of the 10 driver Rhapsodio ciem. Rhapsodio 10 Driver 10 balanced armatures/5-Way Build Quality 85/100 Some imperfections like bubbles but overall great build quality. Bass 97/100 Very fast, highly detailed. Can keep up with anything. Its boosted a little bit above neutral but overall this is a very neutral ciem. The bass is...
I don't have the v6 any more but they destroy them in everything. The cable was included.
I have had Rhapsodios 10 driver ciem for a while now and they are amazing. They have a amazing clear neutral smooth sound. Will write a short review soon.
Same here. Sibilant free for me too.
  Great review as always. 
  The NT6 Pro is alot brighter and has less bass. And the Em32 is smoother sounding with thicker mids. But both have boosted subbass and treble. 
  Yes :P
Updated my comparisons   Kumitate Lab Hybrid  3 balanced armatures, 2 dynamic drivers with 4 bores.  Cost: 540-550$     Build Quality 100/100   The best I have ever seen. Thick large shell with no bubbles or imperfections.    Bass 86/100   Very powerful bass with very good texture. You can clearly hear bass guitar bass lines. Not the fastest bass but it can keep up with almost anything.    Mids 84/100   The mids are a little more behind the bass and treble...
I´am selling my RWAK-100S. I has a small scratch on the top as you can see on the picture. Comes with the box, usb cable, leather case and screen protectors.      Price includes shipping to anywhere in Eu. 
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