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I wonder if they can sound as good as the MG6 Pro or the Wan Xuan I9 Pro.
I wonder what the battery life would be if you use Wifi and stream flac on maximum volume with a very hard to drive headphone? Besides the battery, this thing seems amazing.
The ES5 have extremly good mids and very good bass to but not enhanched bass like JH 16 and Merlin. It should have about the same as the Miracle and a little more than the JH13 but I haven´t heard those so I´am not 100% sure.
You will get an email when they ship it.
Did you get a frequency chart with it?
Hi i´am selling a Headstage Arrow 3G in very good condition.   It comes with a usb cable,  two line out cables  (One long and one short)   Price includes shipping to anywhere and paypal but I prefer to ship inside Europe. I send it from Sweden.   Might be willing to trade for another portable amp.
Yeah its very microphonic. I use the Chrishimself silver cable instead but I find the sound a little to bright. I have ordered a gold plated copper cable from him.  
Great review. The cable you have is the Premium cable they sell.
I think it would be difficult to fit the driver in a custom shell.  The Wan Xuan i9 pro custom iem have a 14mm dynamic driver and it don´t fit everyones ears.  
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