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How close is it to your jh16? :)
They charge you only 70$.  
I´am selling a Heir Audio 8A. Comes with the standard accessories.
Alien Ears seems to have a new 8 driver model.   132db sensitivity!
I agree. I think wood looks alot better too. The pcb looks nice.
  It is :) send in my impression today
How does the i9 pro compare to the Heir 8.a. Is it slower than the 8.a?
  Too bad they charge you quite a alot for remolding/tuning. Either I will get a NT-6 Pro or the I9 Pro. I really like my NT-6 Pro now. But If I can get a even better sound and have the harsh treble fixed I would be very happy.
I got my Nt-6 Pro before you Joe. Maybe I can get my NT-6 Pro remade too. I still think the treble is a little harsh. And I regret not getting silicone tips and artwork. 
Is it because of the dynamic driver and the large soundtube?I tried another silver Cable and it made it much worse. Way to bright and piercingTreble. But it sounded very good with my es5.Typing on the phone is difficult in this site.
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