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Joe, how long do you think ear impressions last?
The ES5 is a little more midforward but the 8.A has really amazing mids. I would say that the mids on the 8.A is better. than Westones.  
I have a 8.A and I have owned a ES5. They sound a bit similar. The 8.A have alot mot bass, but the ES5 is not bass shy. They are both warm but the 8.A is warmer, but it sounds as detailed as the ES5. The 8.A have a little bit bigger soundstage and the ES5 can sound a bit congested with very fast music.   They are both very good, but I like the 8.A more.
64gb works for me.  
  Okey, thanks.
Does anyone know if they only ship with UPS?
Hi I`am selling a Magnum V4 with Honduran Mahogany cups, Cardas UPOCC 7N cable with Sony MDR series headband. Comes with extra pads and a Grado 1/4 to 1/8 adapter.   Price includes shipping
I have tried everything. Clip plus, Iphone - Algorhythm solo, little dot Dp_1. 320 to flac, The premium cable was the worst. I´am using chris himself copper gold cable. If I would listen to something like Metallica (black, album- Death Magnetic who have very loud drums I would probably get hearing damage. And there is alot of sibilance.
I have had the Westone ES5 and I found its treble to be a bit soft. Its about the same length as yours, maybe a little bit longer. No I thought it was supposed to sound like that. It fits perfect and It has gone 3 months since I got it.  It has enhanced treble and I there where no reviews.  
All three :/  
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