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64gb works for me.  
  Okey, thanks.
Does anyone know if they only ship with UPS?
Hi I`am selling a Magnum V4 with Honduran Mahogany cups, Cardas UPOCC 7N cable with Sony MDR series headband. Comes with extra pads and a Grado 1/4 to 1/8 adapter.   Price includes shipping
I have tried everything. Clip plus, Iphone - Algorhythm solo, little dot Dp_1. 320 to flac, The premium cable was the worst. I´am using chris himself copper gold cable. If I would listen to something like Metallica (black, album- Death Magnetic who have very loud drums I would probably get hearing damage. And there is alot of sibilance.
I have had the Westone ES5 and I found its treble to be a bit soft. Its about the same length as yours, maybe a little bit longer. No I thought it was supposed to sound like that. It fits perfect and It has gone 3 months since I got it.  It has enhanced treble and I there where no reviews.  
All three :/  
My NT6-Pro have very hard treble but the fit is perfect. I can´t really listen to music with loud cymbals.  
How are your first impressions of the NT6 Pro?
To me the He-500 is alot better with a good desktop amp. The He-500 requires a more powerfull amp to sound really great then the Stepdance unfortunately.
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