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 I had the RTi1 and I have the 10 driver solar (custom). I find the 10 driver solar to be much better in every way except maybe soundstage width. 
Jelt2359 do you think that the Encore is on the same level as the Earwerkz Legend R?
I have had the QA 360 for a week now and I have to say it sounds very neutral. Like it way more than my DX90/100. I find it to be at the same level as the Calyx M but its more neutral sounding and easier to handle. The only negative thing I can say about it is that it does not support 24bit flac. And maybe that it can only read two folder deep. 
I`am selling my zx1 with a cruzerlite case. Its in very good condition. Price includes shipping to anywhere in Eu.
I`am selling my Calyx M with a leather case. Its in very good condition. Price includes shipping to anywhere in Eu.
No but you can reshell them with alot of other companies. I think you can even have them in silicone (custom art) 150€.
Yeah I know . Roxannes (15 ohm) sounds very weird with zx1. Pretty much unlistenable for me.
Ibasso dx90, sony zx1, apex glacier and fiio x3. I plan on getting a new higher end dap very soon. For sound I prefer the Dx90/apex glacier. The sony zx1 only sounds good to me with the SE5 and Em32. Mostly heavy metal/hard rock. Some trance synth music.
Updated with Rhapsodio 10BA and added SE5 scores.    Rhapsodio 10 Driver 10 balanced armatures/5-Way   Build Quality 85/100   Some imperfections like bubbles but overall great build quality.    Bass 97/100   Very fast, highly detailed. Can keep up with anything. Its boosted a little bit above neutral but overall this is a very neutral ciem. The bass is very similar to NT6 pros bass but a little less impact-full subbass and a tiny bit more midbass.   Mids...
I´am selling my Earsonics EM32. Price includes shipping to anywhere. Can trade for a another ciem.
New Posts  All Forums: