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I`am selling my unopened Hi-Fi-Skyn. Price includes shipping to anywhere and paypal. 
I`am selling my Rhapsodio Galaxy. They sound amazing but I just can´t stand universal iems after going custom.    Price includes shipping to anywhere and Paypal. 
I`am selling my reshelled and modified SE5. 6 driver 5 way with 4 bores in Silicone. Modified by Custom Art and reshelled by Perfect Seal Lab. They are tuned to sound more open and to have a bit punchier bass.  Price includes paypal and shipping to anywhere. 
Got my Reference 6 today. First impression. Maybe the biggest most 3d soundstage I have ever heard in an iem, amazing clarity and great imaging. 
Hi, it depends. What do you want to trade?
I am selling a Jh Audio Roxanne with a standard two pin cable (without the bass adjustment) reshelled by Perfect Seal Lab. The bass is around the minimum setting of the bass adjustment. Price includes shipping to anywhere and PayPal.
I use mostly my Xiaomi mi note pro with viper4android. I also have a Qls 360 and a DX100/DX90. Tried a few other sources as well but the Solar sounds great with everything that I have tried It's not very source picky.
  They are a bit alike but I find that the SE 5-way sounds more relaxed and a bit more midforward with less treble sparkle (but equally extended) :)
I hope it's a new flagship ciem
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