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Ok by anime are you referring to the East-Asia kind of cartoon (mostly Japanese) or cartoon in general? Because, I have been a fan of the Japanese anime for a while but I have not heard of most of the titles being mentioned =.=
for battle anime i would recommend Full Metal Alchemist, an excellent action-packed show. But for emo moments and awesome artwork, Clannad and its sequel, Clannad ~After Story~ with the Another World side arcs are a good start. Before choosing anything, remember to look for its score, ranking and reviews on
Anyone heard of Clannad/ Air? For the newer series, Korewa Zombie Desuka and Angel Beats are ok :x  
Open or closed, noisy or quiet, I don't see any point in maxing the volume. For me, 1/5 the maximum volume at quiet places like home or library is sometimes more than enough. When the surrounding is noisy, I would rather put my headphones away than TRYING to listen to music at max volume among the noises and then hear ringings/buzzings in my ears
  i lol'ed so hard xDDD   anyway for us Asians anyway to buy a genuine pair of CX-300 II on eBay?
  touching. really back to the topic: just borrow some of the mentioned cans and let her try + guide her through with analysis. then let her decide.  
bleach all the way \m/ even the movies themselves are awesome and made me cry
i wonder if their noise cancelling was any good since they are closed? cos the HD201 is also closed but that just doesnt help at all
i am not going to buy one, just that i am surprised to see many crazy fakes (20$?)
All items, no refine
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