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Hello, just looking for a pair of those relatively new Hybrid IEMs from Xiaomi. I don't really want to wait 1 month for them to arrive if I were to buy them from a Chinese site, and I don't want to risk getting a fake either. Price is negotiable. Thanks!
That's actually another reason why I want to stay away from those sites lol, don't want to have to wait 3+ weeks for the IEMs to arrive.
Hello, I'm looking for a pair of Pistons 2. Don't really wanna buy over Amazon since I'm concerned over getting counterfeit, and I should be able to get a better price over here as well. Just send a PM if interested, thanks!
So I'm getting problems with this thing. One day, my rockboxed Zip froze on me while playing a song so I held the power button for 30 seconds to turn it off. Wouldn't boot into rockbox (just stays at the Boot 4.0 screen), but it would boot into the stock firmware normally. The stock firmware was giving me problems, like freezing randomly if touched. I tried to connect it to my computer, and it successfully connected into MTP mode, but when trying to connect through MSC it...
Just gonna bump this up since I'm in need of a new portable and these are currently on Massdrop. Does anyone have any impressions on these things?
Thanks a lot for the information! Unless I also have to recable the right driver/cables I'm not going to be recabling the cable that goes through the headband, just gonna be recabling the stock rubberized cable that goes out of the left earcup.
Dunno if this is the right thread or not, but I don't know if there is a general recable thread. I'm looking to recable my Brainwavz HM3/ Fischer Audio FA-004 clones and I'm not sure which solder contact is the left, right and ground/common signal. I unfortunately don't have a multimeter so I'm not sure how I could test them to check which one is which. Pictures of the driver: I'm assuming the copper is the ground/common, but not sure which signal...
Just gonna copy and paste what i wrote in the reddit headphone purchase advice thread. These aren't for me, they're for my brother. I need to find some good bluetooth headphones with a built in mic for phone calls; the mic being able to be used for calls and the headphones being wireless are important. I know he'll probably find better results with wired, but he really doesn't want wires. Budget - $100 - $200 Source - iPhone 5s Requirements for Isolation - some/none, not...
Amp is most likely going to be a Lepai TA2020 and I'm not sure what I want my speakers to be. I heard good things about the Dayton Audio B652 before, but apparently something with their new manufacturing messed up their sound bad so they sound like poop now. Is the only other good option in this price range the Micca MB42X? Thanks if you end up replying.
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