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Just gonna copy and paste what i wrote in the reddit headphone purchase advice thread. These aren't for me, they're for my brother. I need to find some good bluetooth headphones with a built in mic for phone calls; the mic being able to be used for calls and the headphones being wireless are important. I know he'll probably find better results with wired, but he really doesn't want wires. Budget - $100 - $200 Source - iPhone 5s Requirements for Isolation - some/none, not...
Amp is most likely going to be a Lepai TA2020 and I'm not sure what I want my speakers to be. I heard good things about the Dayton Audio B652 before, but apparently something with their new manufacturing messed up their sound bad so they sound like poop now. Is the only other good option in this price range the Micca MB42X? Thanks if you end up replying.
Without EQ, are these as good or better than the Monorpice 8323s?
So I'm kinda new to the whole bike thing, what's the #1 place to buy parts from and what's the Head-Fi of the biking world? Would these work as replacement pads for the 668b and whatever has the same cup design?
Do these leak sound at all?
How much do the HD681-EVOs leak sound?
I know, I can use the search function and I'm doing that right now, but it would still be nice to get some direct input on this. Just going to copy & paste from reddit, not looking for anything better than what I've used, just something good since my F38s broke. I also don't care much about size, as long as they don't leak. Budget - Under $50 Source - Sansa Fuze Requirements for Isolation - I'd really like to avoid leaking, don't want anyone to hear me listen to my...
How badly do the Takstar-Hi2050s leak sound? My usual pair of portables broke and I was thinking of just using my Takstars as my portables, but major sound leakage concerns me. I don't really know how i'd be able to test it out myself.
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