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 You could either consider Noble Kaiser 10 (K10) / JHA New Siren Series's Angie and Layla. Cheers!
(P.S. Agreed with the edgy treble of the K3003 on a treble filter, there was once i tried it on without filter out of curiosity via my former Hisoundaudio Studio-V 3rd ANV. Oh boy never am i gonna try that again... if ear-piercing treble is the holy grail then the filter-less K3003 is probably the Chuck Norris of Sibilance)
Welcome to the club! Now that's one more fellow Singaporean here with us. @james444 would be our guru for all the tinkies winkies on the FX850, tbh i am completely intrigued by his V2 mod. V1 was meh, probably because i didn't think that was crazy enough- until he floored me with the V2 Mod.(if only i have the legendary disney straw to try out the mod )
Based on my impressions with both on default filter + medium-sized Shure Grey Flanges, listening to the Female Vocals / Upper-Mids of the Regular 535 felt grainy and unclean upon comparison after you listened to the LTD Red Edition of SE535, that was the most immediate difference i could hear, that time i was still using my Hisound Studio 3rd ANV Edition for your reference. Verdict is i would strictly stick to the Red LTD Edition if i was you unless the price difference is...
How about getting an audition the K3003 without applying any of its nozzle filter then let us know if its enough for ya?
Maybe you can listen to Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus at the same time while you conjure 'Fire Balls'. Its supposed to be a magical relic since they costs this much, umm.. no?
JH might soon be the Samsung Equivalent of IEM Company lol. New toys coming out so fast that you just cant seem to keep up. That said I still vastly preferred my JH13 Freqphase custom over a Universal Roxanne. Lets hope these two girls will more than adequately make up for what Roxanne has fall short of in my books.
If you want something that doesn't do anything wrong even at top tier level and something that you want to keep it for a really long time, even if it might not wow you on initial listening--you might want to check out Dita Truth Edition also - The owners of them might be able to provide you their 2 cents.
I definitely won call mine a boutique cable lol! My idea of Boutique cable usually carries a price tag heftier than mine and suffers a lot from the law of diminishing returns. I once told a friend of mine that I didn't felt any much difference between his Crystal Picollino Cable from Jaben and his stock Shure Cable on his SE535LTD Red IEM, in fact I felt soundstaging was a little shorter and smallish on the CP Cable which costs more than a grand.. An important experience...
1) Haha btw its "used to" work for the shop.2) I am actually okay with chipping in the cable, I didn't said anything about not being cool with the great idea of chipping in on the bandwagon of audio sharing.3) "They won't hear the same as I do" : Not necessary a won't just that I do not want to assume everyone hears the same thing, because everyone has different gear and some reacts to mental placebo (I probably do, since it flatly defies your theory about 850's linear...
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