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If anything its probably for the worse. These will probably need no more than a premium cable upgrade coupled with a matching source and amp if you're hell-bent on squeezing every tiny ounce outta the 850s =)
Now that this has happen to you, I am seriously reconsider about getting a TWau from them (despite the sales price)Keep us updated on how your case is going, thanks!
Nope, so far so good for me and all is well.Hope you will be able to contact your dealer and do an exchange ASAP!
What genre do you usually listen to?I have only tried it with two cables before, namely the Whiplash TWag V2 and my own Stage93 93spec.The TWag V2 makes it sound more quick and edgy, cuts down a little of the lushness and also a shorter but sleeker note delay with a lil more 'bite' which many will find it just nice for the right genres.I would personally prefer the TWag V2 for EDMs;Dubsteps etc, genres that requires a quicker, sleeker response with wider, left-to-right...
I am currently using them with Stage93's 93spec Premium Silver Cable.Source-wise I am using DX90 and the synergy is great!At home I would hook them up via Digital output to Ifi Audio's iDSD Micro and so far results has been nothing short of great.Once I have the free time I shall comment more about the iDSD Micro itself! =)
Congrats!I believe you will enjoy them as much as we do over here~
My set is finally back with me last night! Thats 2 months and 2 weeks of waiting time. Its been long but all is fine (and hope it continues to)
You would love their synergies with aftermarket cables!Just a thought but since my JH13FPs came back last night and I finally have another iem to use apart from FX850s,I might contact joker to see if he is keen I may loan him my set with both stock cable and 93spec cable.Would be curious to see how it stands up in his leaderboard, since the old FX700 is already scoring 9.3/10 in his books! =)
Just a small tip for you: Try to open your mouth (I am serious) albeit not too much, so long you can feel your cheekbone lowering and a gap opening up between your ears and the cheekbone.You will notice FX850 would insert more and much secure than usual.End result is a more secure fit and bass which is more taut and visceral.This is also the logic behind why most Custom In-Ear Monitors demands an Open-Jaw Ear Impressions btw! =)
Just a shout-out to @Dsnuts , I just bought ifi audio's flagship, Micro iDSD, I shall cook it up for at least 24 hours as instructed, hope to be able to report back how the 850s pair up with it. (Short session with it at the store was positive by the way!)
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