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Somehow the FX850 came to my mind
 I am contemplating, but i might plan to get the K10 in a few months time once i get my Salary Bonus. Both the JH13FPs and FX850 are complimenting well for me, but i am still curious at the K10, SA-43, Average Joe's NT6 + TWau+cu Hybrid Combo Recommendation.. uhh too much poison on Head-Fi; but too little money. Damn!I bet if they do, they will probably change to a Reddish Cherry Wood Exterior LOL!
I could imagine the same FX850 falling into Jimmy Lovine / Dre or Noel Lee's hands- -they would probably find a spot to slap on their respective brand emblem, give it a humongous ala bling bling packaging. Then sells its at Four-Times Fold the price tag of $275 @ $1100 . (Although i think Noel Lee would at least honor a lifetime + 1 time no-conditions warranty for that.. )
Oh yes there's you also lol! Yep it would be good to meet up when there's chance, i also want to try your Cayin C5 too!
And @Dsnuts I just remembered I still owe you the review for FX850 x iDSD Micro! At the moment I can say the Micro are pretty interesting. For an instance the efficacy of the 3D Holo and xBASS varies by quite the margin when using it on USB-DAC (with the stock USB 3.0 cable to a USB 3.0 port) and Digital Coaxial or RCA with DX90. So far they have been spectacular for FPS gaming when used with both FX850 or the JH13FPs. Will do up more details on pairing with FX850 once...
Haha please let me know when you do, would be glad to meet up and bring you around, Singapore has quite the few headphone boutique shops (E1 / AVone / Jaben / Stereo)And I can let you try out the 93spec cables for the 850s too!
All the best @Ivabign for your next FX850!(P.S. Anyone else here from Singapore? From my impression there is @Idsynchrono_24? Leo888 and myself.)
If you're treble-sensitive and wants a big soundstage, I would recommended the FX850s over the FX750s as the 750s has more treble than the 850s do.The 850s also have a slightly better portrait of dimensions with a decent soundstage for that "out-of-head" experience.If you think you may cope or want more treble but smoother sound overall, you can at least change to a different cable unlike the 750s. =)
  That seems really awful for the durability, did you try contacting the guys at Nocturnal Audio? (P.S. I am not exactly gentle with my 93spec, but its still going strong and the synergy is splendid as usual.)It would be better if you had access to auditioning both of the iems in question. I happened to have both FX850 (on 93spec silver cable) and the JH13 Freqphase (on 93pc copper cable). The two of them don't exactly overtake one another for my scenario. Basically FX850...
If anything its probably for the worse. These will probably need no more than a premium cable upgrade coupled with a matching source and amp if you're hell-bent on squeezing every tiny ounce outta the 850s =)
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