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I hope unlike the Athena, the Apollo can top it with the up-close and personal vocal and YET retains Athena's technicality and naturalness. Greedy me~
Yes it is a variant of Legend R that utilizes a unique Onyx Chamber that serves as a sort of dampener for the LOWs for natural, taut bass.And i have to say it works really well, the texturing is mind-blowing and goes really low, yet has actually lesser mid bass hump compared to the JH13s and JH16sOverall it's one of if not the best Bass reproduction (along with the nicely forward midrange) that i have heard from a BA-setup. =)
Joker have you ever tried the Legend Omega? I have a hunch that you're going to love them a lot! At least i know my Omegas are getting much, much more playtime than my JH13!
Welcome to the club bro! Looks like you managed to convince your wife this time (again)
My bad for the confusing angle  That was a little, recyclable tote bag which is part of what comes with the shipment. Could do some great use as a reusable shopping bag on the next grocery trip.
Yes, and the mid-range are just as good! It is very hard to nitpick on the Omegas for what they do, the tonality is also spot-on, not too subdued like the Westones nor aggressive like the JH13s. I liked how the O.R.C adds magic to the entire sound, not just bass; it gives a nice body and decay to its note and the bass improvement might be subtle for regular mid-bass lovers.But i think just like what you say, the cohesive cross-over tuning and the natural, visceral...
              Hey Guys, mine has finally reached my hands! But i will need to send them back soon because the faceplate might need some adjustments for my Flash cable to fit in, Calvin's sending in his own set of Omega and Flash to Jack so that Jack can have a better understanding of what needs to be done for these (and most probably any shapes of subsequent ones) to fit in. Fit and comfort is better than my JH13, and despite limited to only the stock...
Talking about cables, i also opted for Music Sanctuary's cable upgrade bundle which is exclusive for the 2 Legends, only for a small fraction of it's retail price, seems too good of a deal to let it go so i jumped on it.It's this one! http://www.music-sanctuary.com/collections/pw-audio/products/pwaudio-the-flash-silver-8-conductor It's the 8 conductor version of Flash Cable, i remembered you had the chance to try the flash cable with the Legend also. Did you tried the 4 or...
 The woodies are forward and has more details than the trumpets, but has a smooth treble which the DUNUs falls short of. The unique concoction of it's sound also lends to the best timbre out of them imo. FX750 sounds great out of the box but the FX850s with a decent silver cable would shine past it's total price but a really long mile, in fact i preferred it over the "elite universals" such as Westone W60s and the Dita. Either way both woodies can also do the "J444 mod" on...
Thanks a lot! Impressions might come somewhere next month.A lil related to the reply on the top; Headtrip it seems our batch is the one and same! However my next rest day from work would sadly be a week right after. Plus i will probably grind the 50hours slowly (5~8 hours a day when i go to sleep). So sum it up the impressions won't be here any much soon (plus if i am in a sober, neutral state to give a nice A/B with the JH13s and the FX850s)But i am looking forward to it!
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