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Sorry gents I forgot to say it's mainly trance that I listen to. Zarim most the units you have mentioned are nearly double my budget,are b&w p5 twice as good as Bose for double the money??
afternoon gents Right I have a budget of a £150 (uk pounds),this will be used with my iPad,iPod and computer and Possibly my iPhone. I have been looking at the Bose on ears (£125) as I already have the new Bose iem,which I quite like although I know Bose take a bashing on here. So what other option would suggest with a£150 price range and also what sort of specs should I be looking for. As I already have in ears I obviously only require on ears type,smallish style like Bose
looking at getting  a set of these now at £99,all companys that i have spoken to say for the money you would be hard pushed to find another set of iem in that price range that could compete with them,a strong statement indeed so before i part with the cash would you agree guys
Right guys at first I was going to get a set of iem at around 50 pounds that being the denon ah 260r or the ue super 5 fi vi I was looking for a set of iem that were well balanced with real wow factor and it seemed the ue were going to be the ones until some one suggested the new Audeo pfe 022 now these are nearly double the price of the ue super 5 are these really worth the extra money ????? All advice welcome
hi guys as it says above i have a 55 pounds budget for a new set of iem to use with my iphone,at the moment i am strongly leaning towards a set of super 5 fi vi(the mic version) as im not really a bass junky and would like a set that gives my very good clarity not just bass,would most agree these are a supeb set of iem for the money and would take alot of beating as othes have suggested as i have not parted with my hard earned cash yet, and would like thoughts on the...
Hi guys new to the forum so please be gentle as I'm noob and know very little hence me looking for advice. I am looking for a in ear type to use with my iPhone/iPod ideally I would like one with a mic but it's not essential.I'm a bit older now and would prefer crystal clarity over I would like to spend Arnd 30 pounds so I'm not sure if this will get me. What I'm looking what would you suggest in that price range.I would be open to suggestions to go higher...
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