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  Interesting, I really appreciate the L-adapter and the cable cinch. Thanks for the update!
Just got my pair of these puppies yesterday, and the accessories that came with mine are different from what I've read online in reviews. My set contained a straight plug to L-plug adapter, no translucent silicone tips, and no tip holder. Anybody else getting these accessories too?
Hey guys,   I sent in my old RE0's for a replacement (the wire frayed near the plug), and my replacements arrived today. To my surprise, the ones I received in the mail were of a different design than the ones I sent in. I do know that there was a version of the RE0's older than the ones I sent in to be replaced, but I don't think that the ones I received were of that old type. Here are some pictures (forgive me for the poor quality):   Picture of the whole...
I carried my Fiio E10 around in my back for a while, and now when I use it, the volume levels are a lot quieter than they used to be. I've checked all the cables, connectors, etc. Does anybody know if there's anything in the amp that can get jostled around by movement and affect volume levels? Thanks!
I'm thinking that it's my amp's problem. I have a Fiio e10. I used to turn it up to abot 2.5 and it would be really loud already. Now I have to turn it to around 6 to get even a comparable sound level.
Yeah, i've check them many times :(
Hi, I had my pair of Shure SRH840's in its leather case in my backpack for a while (carried it around the city) a few days ago, and when I took them back out, they sounded really quiet for some reason. I tried on another pair of headphones, and they sounded like normal, but the 840's are just suddenly really much more quiet than before. Even when I turn my amp up all the way, it's still nothing like it was before. Has anyone else had this problem, either with 840's or...
did the hong kong tracking page work at all?
Did any of you guys that have the E10 already order from MP4Nation? I preordered it immediately it was available for preorder, and mine is still isn't here yet....
Will the E10 be compatible with Linux?
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