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I believe that the below speeches of Ken Robinson regarding education are very interesting
  To me it doesn't make sense that a single driver can be on par with a double  driver .....i am a newbie so don't hit!!!!
In terms of SQ how far are DBA02 from RE0/RE-ZERO ?Do they worth the higher price?
  Thanks for the info, i thought the cause was my headphones (Behringer HPM1000) that sounded so lousy. 
  Which headphone do you believe is the most suitable only for piano recordings and listening through an electric piano?   Budget is 60$-80$.   Sorry if the question is not relevant with the thread….
  These days i am stuck again with "Rosetta - The Galilean Satellites" , awesome album!!!!! Also check Wake/Lift album....   Have a taste here
  For sure not like the bass of AKG , just the bass the artist intended to be and not like a big messy sub woofer......have you heard the AKG? it sounds similar with CX300/EP-630.   I think i got the picture, so i believe that SB it should be a better option than RE0 , i also had in my mind eterna rev.1, DBA02 and MC5 from the reviews i read here..     
    The only IEM i heard is the one i own "AKG K324P" which is like hearing through a tube and it has a bloated bass,  i would like  to avoid a simillar sound and move to a much much better IEM in terms of SQ.
Are the SB good at rock/post/metal/jazz ? Will they be a major upgrade over my current IEM AKG K324P ? I would like to be blown away by the sound quallity
  Google translate helped me with the language, i will let you know if i have any news.   Just for your info they are the cheapest ....  
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