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Trying to start a massdrop - vote here! https://www.massdrop.com/vote/High-End-IEMs16/result
I started a Massdrop for the Oriolus - go vote!   https://www.massdrop.com/vote/High-End-IEMs16
Looking to purchase an Audeze LCD travel case for my TH900s.   I know there's a generic Pelican case but I'd like one that's properly cut out, thanks!
Sold to cute!
Lightly used Lawton Audio angle pads, $70 shipped.
Selling my Audeze LCD-2 r2 pre-Fazor with a Black Q Silk Cable terminated in a 1/8" plug with Pelican travel case.   I'm the original owner. Condition is 8/10, there is some wear on the headband near the metal posts where it has rubbed against the leather.   You can read about the cable here: http://theaudioguild.com/q-cables/ and I believe they're 2.0m long, they're super light and flexible and make the LCD-2 lighter to wear. Cable is worth $250-300. Also includes the...
Selling my Fostex TH-600 closed headphones. Would ideally like to trade these + $$ for a pair of Fostex TH-900.   Condition is 8/10, headphone earcups have a couple very minor scuffs and headband has some wear. Comes with original box.   Asking for $450 + shipping.   The headphones currently have D5000 earpads on but I've included pictures of the regular earpads. (I'll swap them off when sold).
Selling my like new Fostex TH600 acquired from Head-Fi member Greed in July 2013.   Only used gingerly at work, includes Paypal & Shipping.
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