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The 1020 works great for me: 
Earlocks don't seem to fit in my ear ... tried watching all the videos and everything. I'll check out the 1020 thanks!
Anybody find a good hard carrying case for these? I use the Ear Hook / Guide things and the hard portion of the case that came with them doesn't work when you have the ear hooks installed. Removing them and reattaching them every time they're transported is kinda annoying, and I'm afraid the nozzle's gonna get crushed if I use the case without the hard portion of the case.
Ordered mines on 1/12 from their website and received on 1/17. Really expansive soundstage & they sound amazing with my kind of music with a bit of EQ from the Audeze Cypher app (techno/progressive house/indie dance). I'm probably not going to pull out my IE800's or Fostex TH900 for a while and from what I remember, I like these significantly more than the Sine on-ears.
Trying to start a massdrop - vote here!
I started a Massdrop for the Oriolus - go vote!
Looking to purchase an Audeze LCD travel case for my TH900s.   I know there's a generic Pelican case but I'd like one that's properly cut out, thanks!
Sold to cute!
Lightly used Lawton Audio angle pads, $70 shipped.
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