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I think it is from the foam in the XL pad. Hmmm...
Has anyone experienced some kind of hissing sound when they move their head with the M100. I have two pairs and it happens occasionaly with both of them but I am not sure where it is coming from.
I just wish it had more clamp force..
why is M100 not in this review?
If you are used to the clamping force of the DT1350, you will find the M500 very loose. Regarding to the pivot durability, I found if you rotate it alot. It tends to get loose quite easily. I just dont ever rotate mine. I've been using my DT1350 for about 3 years now. Still like day 1.
Owning M100, M500 and DT1350. I have to say, they works well with each other. Depending on the mood and music genre you are listening to, you cant really go wrong with any of them.
Have anyone tried the M500 setting on accudio? What do you think of it?
TF10 went for 99 not 120 few years ago
What do you mean selling it sideway? They said they got the batch from V-moda. I guess I'll have to ask V Moda about it. It does concern me a bit. Fortuantely I picked up another pair on head-fi which was bought from V-moda.
I got one from them and I also asked them about the warranty. They said they got their order through V-Moda. Your M100 is covered by massdrop for one year. I said on the package it said about 2 years warranty and they replied if it is over one year, you need to contact V-Moda directly. It still worries me that the SN code are missing on the headphone, box, and little user manual.
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