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 I totally agree but the headphone does feel durable in hand. It is just not as scratch resistance compare to HD25. If you drop it, you are definitely gonna break it somewhere. Compare to my M500, yes, the M100 is more durable, but compare to my DT1350...pretty much the same...
 Not really, I got a pair of shadows and I got exactly the same thing happened to me, cracked around the same place, but I was changing to XL pad, while my matte black was ok when I changed to XL pad. I pretty much just glued the cracked pieces back on.
I've just managed to fix my screw problem. The screw is a Torx T5 if anyone has the same problem
If anyone read my posts about the random static shock I got from my M100s and also unusal hissing noise now and then when listening to music. I think I found the reason behind them. I think it is when I am listening off my Iphone 5, and I get the static shock and hiss when the phone is charging through the computer.
The shadows gets fingerprints on it pretty easily since its gonna the reflective plastic shell. I couldnt choose between the two so I bought both....
I've got few, but I am not in Europe.
Its not normal screw tho. I had a search online. I bidding my chance on TORX screws
One of the hinge of my M500 is getting a bit loose, I rotated the ear piece so I can see the screws. They look like those tiny hexagonal screws, I have no idea where I can get the screw driver for those. Anyone ran into the same problem?
For an international order, they charge a lot fees...ID verification fees??
Any specials on for mometums?
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