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One side of the pad has got a sewed up connection, one hasnt. Which side is the side pointing up??
Interesting thing I found about the XL pads. They are directional dependent. What I mean is that they need to be placed in the right direction in order to have right sound. I had one pad up the wrong way which made the headphone sound imbalanced. As soon as changed the direction of the pad, it sounds much more balanced. The question now is which way is the right way up for both pads??
just got my xl pad today, feel they makes the bass a bit bloated...
I got mine from massdrop. (Casio box). it doesnt have the sn code you were talking about. Does that mean mine is a counterfeit?? 
Great Photo
I have to say, the M100 is one good looking headphone.
Its Nubuck leather, not leather. Its different, just google nubuck....its similar to the material on those timberland shoes.
There are some impressions here about the earpad. Yea, I've been swapping between my KEFM500, M100, and DT1350. I've also bought the XL pad. They are on their way to New Zealand at the moment. I think depends on what sound signature you like. You can't go wrong with either one. With commuting purpose, I will recommend the DT1350 and M100 due to the isolation and...
SCHOOL FOOD PUNISHMENT IS AWESOME! BIG FAN OF THEM.....unfortunately they dismissed this to listen to all their albums....
Its free shipping to NZ, so I just ordered mine. It works out about 65NZD. Quite pricey for two little pads.
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