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how do you do the snug fit?
hmmm...what is the headband made off? wont i break it?
How do you do that?
after few weeks of head time with the M500...i really wish they had a bit more clamping force...:/
hmmm...i can see myself grabbing a pair as well... I was just reading this review.... They doesnt give the KEFM500 high praise sonically....hmmm... Anyone feels the same here? I found the M500 to be quite good, I haven't had the chance to audition a pair of Momentum in a quiet environment tho...
well, our ears are usually not  symmetrical  
you can change the earpad and it will make the headphone very comfy.
Thanks Kyu! that explains it...
just got my matte black m100 today. Is the packaging different for the matte black and the shadow??
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