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I've got few, but I am not in Europe.
Its not normal screw tho. I had a search online. I bidding my chance on TORX screws
One of the hinge of my M500 is getting a bit loose, I rotated the ear piece so I can see the screws. They look like those tiny hexagonal screws, I have no idea where I can get the screw driver for those. Anyone ran into the same problem?
For an international order, they charge a lot fees...ID verification fees??
Any specials on for mometums?
Good to know that it happens to others as well, that means mine is not faulty....or maybe ours are...
Well, i am in the work office....hmmm...this is actually the second time it happened to me
My ear just got electric shocked by my M100. I was listening to music and then heard a buzz sound from the left driver and there was a little electric shock on my left ear. This may be related to the hissing sound i talked about. Anyone had this issue?
I think it is from the foam in the XL pad. Hmmm...
Has anyone experienced some kind of hissing sound when they move their head with the M100. I have two pairs and it happens occasionaly with both of them but I am not sure where it is coming from.
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