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so the roxanne is overrated?
I've got my hands on a pair of roxanne universal and also SE846. I feel the roxanne lack details compare to the 846, especially on vocals. Sounding a bit thin. Also, the 846 feels more airier. I would thought roxanne would outweigh the 846 completely. In terms of clarity, i think k3003i that i had was probably at the top.    I read from another post that a headfier had problems with his new roxanne and at the end of the day, he had a faulty driver on the left channel. Is...
Damn, NCIX doesn't do international orders!
Hey MH,    Just re-reading your scoring, you gave DT1350 for its portability a 3.5, but 5 for T51p. They look almost exactly the same. Is there other things that you took in consideration?
NCIX deal over???
As you can see, one is matte black and the other is shadow. Both have the cracks around the same place. I got the shadows first, the crack appeared about few weeks after i got it, maybe a month. I got the matte black after, just discovered the crack yesterday. I had both for a while now, maybe over 6 month. The crack on the shadow is much bigger which I had to use superglue to prevent it peeling off. I haven't tried to change the plates. Sad face....
The M100 do feel solid in hand. I have two pairs, and recently I discover that BOTH pairs got cracks on the side of the earcup, on one of the corners of the hexagonal earcup. They happened to be almost at the same spot, pretty amazing, I always wear them in office, leaving them on desk, and putting them back in their case at the end of the annoys me now knowing that there are cracks on my m100..
Hows the isolation of the XS? I guess it is smaller in size so should be more portable, hope its got better isolation
For those who have auditioned the headphones. How does Mikros compare to DT1350 or the M500? I would say M100 because I have it, but I am sure they are miles different.
 If you gonna be moving around a lot with the headphone on, I suggest you M100, the M500 just feel a bit loose on my head. I only use it when I am in the office.
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