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After stacking them long enough in the storage, I have decided to clear out some of my headphones out.   1. Sennheiser HD650 (silver driver) - $300 USD or $350 NZD   Condition: The headphone is in a 10/10 condition. The pads are still very new. I haven't got the original case, but still have the original adapter.   2. Beyerdynamic DT990 (Custom) - $300 USD or $350 NZD   Condition: 8/10. The pads are little worn out, what I mean is they have lost some of its...
I will try that on mine as well. I have to say the instrument sepearation is better on my roxanne than se846
 I am actually on the fence of whether I should sell it or not. From what a lot people is saying JH13 or 16 is probably the way to go. The bass tuning is more of a gimmick, which we are paying for it. I've only got W4R GR07 and SE846 to compare with, also k3003i (Memory comparison as I don't own it anymore).  The cable smells really bad tho, you didn't notice that? for $1k + I do find the accessories are pretty bad, in comparison to my Se846.  
 How you finding it?
I am sure for its price, it sure would cover the perfectly matched double pot...hmm
I am quite curious about why JH made the bass tuning to separate L and R. When would you want to tune them differently?  
so the veil is not my imagination...hmm...i also experienced the sudden "no veil" effect when I switched to my se846 after long listening period with the roxanne :( i guess my roxanne will soon be on the sale page
so the roxanne is overrated?
I've got my hands on a pair of roxanne universal and also SE846. I feel the roxanne lack details compare to the 846, especially on vocals. Sounding a bit thin. Also, the 846 feels more airier. I would thought roxanne would outweigh the 846 completely. In terms of clarity, i think k3003i that i had was probably at the top.    I read from another post that a headfier had problems with his new roxanne and at the end of the day, he had a faulty driver on the left channel. Is...
Damn, NCIX doesn't do international orders!
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