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 I would say they are quite different in their own way, depending on what your preference is. Both look good to me (appearance wise) M500 probably a more luxury feel (matches macbook pro), but if you are going to be moving around, it is some what loose on the head, but if you are just sitting down and not moving your head too much, it is very comfy.  Whereas the clamping force of the DT1350 can be too much for some people, but I got used to mine and also it tends to loosen...
I am sure I saw it somewhere. I think it was along the line that the CF will absorb the vibration of the drivers or something along the line. Tempting to get one and sell my universal RX and SE846 and get a custom, I need to get a ear canal impression first then. 
I have had my DT1350 for agesssss, they are still intact, actually perfect condition but i am not sure if T51p's hinges are the same as the DT1350. I am still waiting for my DT1350 to arrive. I pretty much have ended my portable journey by getting the JH Audio Roxanne universal (maybe get the custom fit later), it is the first pair IEM that I've only that has the same traits as a headphone, the wide soundstage, maybe not the depth, but to me it is good enough.    I have...
Doesn't affect the sound? I remember seeing a post up saying it does affect the sound tho. I cannot remember what number was the post tho.    I have to admit it does look damn sexy, the CF...drool
but i thought the full CF shell was one of the selling point for the roxanne?
The long wait time is pulling me off from getting the custom roxannes such a shame.
Does that mean, I can good with my universal then? Any ideas on the two different universals?
Another question about the UF, I was googling about the UF and custom. Come across two types of UF. Are there any differences between the two?
I am starting to appreciate my roxanne, just a question for those who have tried both universal and custom, are there much difference between the two? in terms of sound, of cos its gonna be more comfortable with the custom but in terms of the sound, is there a lot of difference?
For some reason my roxanne sounding much better and preferrable after one month of listening. I dont think brain burn in is not the case because before when I switch from roxanne to SE846, I immediately enjoyed the sound of SE846. Today, I switched between them, I actually preferred the roxanne for some reason. I still thinking if I should sell my roxanne and get JH13 or not, as someone has already point it out with the roxanne you get universal whereas the JH13 is like...
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